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If your boyfriend breaks up with you because he said he can't trust you, but says that you are the most amazing girl that he has ever met and wants to be your best friend - I would take a step back and consider this carefully. First - ask what he thinks you did that made him feel you are not trustworthy. This is valuable information. Do not immediately jump down his throat about it. He may simply have trust issues that make it difficult for him to trust others. OR, you may have broken his trust. Building trust can take some time. Take the time and be friends and keep things casual. During this time, COMMUNICATE. If you want the relationship to work out, learn to communicate really well so you can learn to trust each other. Really be 'best friends' - best friends requires a lot of trust too - so you'll still have to work at it. Remember to apologize for what you have done, but do not take the blame for things you have not done. Be honest - and stick to your own truth, and he will eventually see that you are worthy of trust and come around. It doesn't sound like an excuse to get out of a relationship, but it might be, if he has trust issues with women. Best to stay calm and honest and be careful of getting into a relationship with someone who can't trust you. You will never be happy if you are not fully trusted by your partner. Take care.

2006-08-18 01:20:30
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Q: What does it mean if your boyfriend breaks up with you because he said he can't trust you yet he says you are the most amazing girl he has ever met and wants to be your best friend?
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call the police asap!!!!!!

Do you let your best friend ask if he likes you?

i would because your best friend has your best intrest in mind. and if your boyfriend breaks your heart she would probally be the first one there trying to get you through it. ::))

When you cheated on your boyfriend with his best friend and he finds out and breaks up with you how do you get him back?

Tell him he is really gay.

How do you cheer up your best friend after her boyfriend breaks up with her?

tell her to talk to Jesus. even though her boyfriend isn't there, Jesus will be there always. tell her that there is someone special out there for her, and not to kill her self. because that would be bad

What should you do if you love your boyfriend but you are starting to fall for his really amazing best friend?

Simple. Break up with your boyfriend. Rather that than cheating on him!

Why does a guy hug a girl all the time when he says hi?

maybe because he likes her as a friend or maybe he's her boyfriend maybe because he likes her as a friend or maybe he's her boyfriend maybe because he likes her as a friend or maybe he's her boyfriend

What do you do if a guy breaks up with your friend for you and you go out with them even though your friend is really mad?


Do you tell your friend you like her boyfriend?

yes tell your friend if they are a friend then they would understand because freinds are more importnt than your boyfriend or girlfriend

What if your boyfriend breaks up with you right before the dance?

just go with your friends or your best friend that's a guy

Why does your boyfriend always sits with my best friend?

because he likes your best friend

What can you do if your boyfriend does not like your best friend?

You have to decide ... best friend or boyfriend? I say 'mates before dates' because your best friend is the one who is always there for you. Even if you break up with your boyfriend, your best friend will still be there to tell you 'it's alright'. So, if your boyfriend doesn't like your best friend ... tell him to get over it, because they are important to you so he should at least put up with them.

What should you do if you really like a girl who already has a boyfriend?

welltry and be friend with her and if you like her tell how you feel then if she breaks up with him there you go

What do you do when boyfriends breaks up with you to get with your friend?

Warn your friend what a cad he is because you are her friend. A fellow like that isn't worth either of you.

Is it wrong to be jealous of your boyfriends best friend because he knows more about your boyfriend than you do?

no it is not right to be jealous of your boyfriends best friend because he has known him for over a decade and there are things that you will learn so you know as much about your boyfriend but there are things that you know about your boyfriend that his best friend does not

If your best friend is making you choose between her and your amazing boyfriend who do you choose?

Well it all depends on who your heart tells you to choose. If you love your boyfriend more then your friend then go for it! Choose him! But if you like your friend better and if you know she hasn't stabbed you in the back and won't stab you in the back in the future, choose your friend!

What to do when your friend's boyfriend has a crush on you?

tell your friend because she needs to know if her boyfriend has a crush on someone else but dont go after her boyfriend because she will be offended and upsset with you.

Why is ebony so beautiful and amazing?

because it's my girl friend

What to do when your friend likes you and you have a boyfriend but you don't want either of them to get mad?

You didn't say whether your friend was male or female. Either way, a friend is a friend and if you have a mature boyfriend then they would understand. Never give up your close friends over one boyfriend simply because he may get mad. Introduce this friend to your boyfriend and try to give some time to your friend, but the majority of your time to your boyfriend. If your boyfriend does not like it then it's a sign of immaturity and jealousy.

Do you stop spending time with a girl that has a boyfriend that your starting to fall for?

no. cause what if she breaks up with him needs a friend? you wont be there and then you will deff not have a chance with her.

Your boyfriend got jealous because you went out with his friend?

He has a right to be because he feels you have betrayed him. You're not suppose to do that unless your boyfriend is okay with it or at least invite your boyfriend along.

Your straight best friend has a boyfriend but you know she likes you how can you make her choose you?

dont make her choose you just wait intill she breaks up with her current boyfriend that way their wont be a fight

What do you do if your boyfriend flirts with your best friend?

you should dump him because he's suppost to be comitted to you only and if your friend flirts back you shouldn't be her friend because that's not a true friend

What if your boyfriend won't say he loves you?

It depends no what your definition of 'bf' is. 'Bf' could be best friend or boyfriend. If it is your best friend, then its because he doesn't really love you. If its your boyfriend, then he's not really your boyfriend, is he? If your boyfriend doesn't say he loves you or even admits to it, he's not really your boyfriend.

You got asked out by your friend and you have a boyfriend what do you do?

tell your friend the truth, or if you like your friend more than your boyfriend...dump your boyfriend!

How do you cope when your best friend is divorcing me?

It may feel like breaking up with a boyfriend or girlfriend when your best friend breaks up with you. It is best to surround yourself with supportive people to cope.