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This poor guy appears to have just missed one night calling you. It also sounds like you are fused at the hip and aren't giving this guy any breathing room. It's not necessary to talk on the phone every night and by doing so you are going to make your relationship go stale very quickly. He should be out with his buddies and you should be going out every so often with your girlfriends. He could either have simply gotten home late, was tired, forgot to call you, but again, he may not want to phone you every night. I suggest the next time you see your boyfriend just ask him if he thinks both of you talk too much on the phone. It's a simple question and it could help you in your relationship. Just because you date someone doesn't mean you have to talk to each other every day or even see each other every day. Weekends are usually great for dating, but sometimes, if you are in high school you do see each other more. A wise woman always lets her boyfriend or husband have a little rein and when you think he's pulled the reins a little too far, you snap 'em back! Humans need "head space" and it doesn't appear that you are giving each other that. Sounds like things are fine, he's not lying, and he forgot to phone you. Have that talk with him. Marcy I agree. You have nothing to worry about, except maybe the worrying, but that's my issue too...

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Q: What does it mean if your boyfriend used to call you every night and the other night you called him and he said he was out eating with his parents and would call you later but he never called you back?
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