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It means it feels uncomfortable. With hamsters, biting is used as self defence. I had a hamster, and when I first got him he bit me a lot. The proper way to deal with this is the following:

1) Hold him every day to make him feel secure (Make sure you are carrying all of his legs).

2) When he bites you stay calm and don't freak out, just try again (Screaming will scare the hamster even more).


4) Cages are a hamster's home, so he may bite you. It's like a giant broke into your home and tried to lift you out of it. So try step 2 and eventually that hamster will get used to you.

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Q: What does it mean if your dwarf hamster has a red nose and keeps biting you all the time?
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Is a rotastak hamster a dwarf hamster?

there is no such thing but if you mean a roborovski hamster yes its a dwarf

What does it mean if your dwarf hamster has a hump on back?

it might mean cancer because my hamster had a lump on the hand and it died.

What does hamster mean in Japanese?

Well, this is how you say dwarf hamster in japanese- ドワーフハムスター

Your hamster hits you does that mean he has rabies?

If it's a dwarf hamster, it's just boxing. The species tends to do that. It's just their way of playing. If it's not a dwarf hamster then that's strange behavior but i don't think it has rabies

What does it mean if a hamster changes color?

Your hamster is probably a russian winter white dwarf, they change color when it's cold.

What does it mean if your hamster is bleeding?

Well This Happen To My Robo Dwarf Hamster 2 Days Ago But Now It's Gone

My mail dwarf hamster has larger lumps on its stomach what does that mean?

It likely means that maybe your male hamster is not a male,its a female and she is pregnant

Where do buy white dwarf hamsters?

That depends on what you mean by White Dwarf Hamster. You may be referring to a Winter White Dwarf Hamster which tend to be a light gray, or a Albino Dwarf Hamster that is completely white and maybe red eyes. Albino Hamsters may be hard to find, but you can call nearby pet stores and ask if they have the hamster you are looking for. (Stores like Pj's Pets, PetSmart, Local Pet Breeds, etc)

What does it mean it your dwarf hamster runs up and down the side of its cage?

It just means that ur dwarf hamsters or hamster runs up and down the side of its cage it means that he or she wants to get out of thr cage.

What does it mean when a dwarf hamster pees blood?

that some thing is wrong , probably with its kidney's.

Are Russian dwarf hamsters meaner than others?

Russian Dwarf Hamster is not mean at all. It can bite though at first. When you first get it do not pick it up because it is not use to the environment yet wait til it gets to its cage then start patting it and holding it. After that, it will be really tame and hardly bite. The worst it does is nibble. The ones that are nice are the Fancy Dwarf Hamster and the Russian Dwarf Hamster.

Can a guina pig be mean?

Sure! I have a hamster & it could also be mean by biting you. The same thing for guinea pigs, too.

Your hamster female keeps licking another female hamster you are sitting what does that mean?


What does it mean when you hamster keeps bitting its cage?

Hamsters are rodents, and it is in their nature to wear down their constantly growing teeth by biting things. Almost anything solid is fair game to them, be it their toys, special gnawing chews, or the cage bars.

What does it mean when a dwarf hamster has a bump on its butt?

It probably means you have a male...the bump is likely to be a testicle

What does it mean when a dwarf hamster licks you?

Just getting more info about you, or licking salt from your skin.

What does it mean when a dwarf hamster is making a squeaking noise?

Hungry or sick, it might need assistance.

What does it mean when a Chinese Dwarf Hamster shreds its bedding?

It means it is getting used to it new home.

What does it mean if a boy hamster keeps getting on top of a girl hamster?

It means that they are trying to mate ( trying to have sex ) to make a baby

What is the difference between Chinese dwarf hamsters and regular hamster?

by normal, if you mean sirian hamsters then the main difference is that Chinese hamsters belong to the dwarf hamster species, which are considerably smaller and arent as friendly (believe me, i know, i own two!).

What is the best hamster for a 10 year old girl?

lots of people say that a dwarf hamster is mean. i have a female named coconut and she is possibly the best pet i have ever had!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What does it mean when your dwarf hamster has a lump on its neck?

It is proabably a sore. Does it live with other hamsters? If not, you should definentally get it checked.

What does it mean when a female dwarf hamster thumps her foot really fast?

not sure but she may, just may be mad

Where did hamster came from?

I assume you mean hamster*s*. Syrian (teddy bear etc) hamsters come from Syria. The majority of dwarf hamsters originate from Russia. And I assume Chinese Dwarf hamsters come from China? Wild guess :p

What are the different breeds of hamsters?

Syrian golden hamsterCheckered hamster ( I had a checkered golden hamster before, and it was plain mean!)Russian hamsterBeige gloden hamsterTeddy Bear hamsterLonghaired golden hamstersDWARF HAMSTERS:chinese hamsterDzungarian hamsterdwarf and teddy bear hamsters are the most popular and the most fun!