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What does it mean if your ears bleed when your stretching or gauging them but it doesnt hurt whatsoever?


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September 23, 2012 9:32PM

As you are not creating a new wound, simply utilizing the elasticity of your skin to open a preexisting hole further, there should be no blood, ever. Just because there is no pain does not mean that it is nothing to worry about. The blood could be because your ears were not fully healed from a previous tear, a new tear, or a major blowout (though I imagine it is rare for a blowout bad enough to bleed to come with no pain), and none of these things are good. If you experience bleeding from a piercing, no matter if it hurts or not, you are putting your piercing at risk by continuing as you are. It is best to remove the jewelry (or at least return to the previous size) and allow time for the piercing to heal before attempting to stretch again.