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He may have broken up with you for practical reasons. Not all split-ups are due to cheating or loss of attraction. He may still genuinely love you but has plans and dreams into which you don't fit. That's sad, but I'd try not to dwell on it -- or him. If you wish, you could try giving him a call, just to see how he's doing. But I wouldn't mention getting back together. If that's what he wants to, he'll bring it up. But just one call. And if nothing comes of it, then move on.

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Is Claudia Jordan dating Halle Berrys exboyfriend that dentist?

They are friends!

What do you do if you fancy your best friends boyfriend?

your friends boyfriend will breakup with your friend, and your friend will get mad at you.

Why exboyfriend smile with you?

your ex may want to stay friends with you. might be wanting to repair the friendship that was once there.

How do you come out of a breakup?

tell him/her that u want to just be friends.

We were together for 1.5 yrs and he initiated the breakup because his feelings faded. Parents banned contact. What does it means when he says he will wait for 1.5 yrs jus to be friends again?

Because he doesnt want to loose you. Things may have gotten complicated for him as a couple, but he hopes the two of you can still be friends.

Is it possible to be friends with your ex in the future if you had a messy breakup?

No, its not possible because there will always be that tension between you two. No matter the time lapsed you can't go back to be friends or just start being friends. There is a reason a relationship turns into a messy breakup!

Were the Beatles still friends after the breakup?

Yes, they will be Freinds till the end of time.

Are Josh Farro and Hayley Williams still friends after the breakup?

Yes, Hayley has said that they are better as friends than they were as a couple.

Should you be friends with your exboyfriend after breakup?

For some it may work, but it's a low percentage. Once you break up with someone then you shouldn't be talking to them on the phone, Iming, texting, etc. It's time to move on. If you happen to bump into him there is no reason not to be nice. Most new boyfriends don't like sharing their girlfriends with their exes and consider the ex an intruder and who can blame them.

How to get over a friendship breakup?

Friendships are hard, you can go out and try to make new friends.

What if your exboyfriend who cheated on you is trashing you to his friends what should you do?

Play hard ball, tell your mates he has a very small penis then get with one of his mates. OR Ignore him and if your mates are true friends they'll know to do the same.

Why is ex upset over no contact when she initiated breakup?

because she wanted you to want contactshe either had it as a test to see if you fight for her or just give up. u gave up... and failedshe could have wanted to be friends and ESPECIALLY wanted you to want to be friends... u failed that tooshe could have just wanted a break not a breakup she might have wanted a period of time where she could analyze your relationship and see if it was still worth persevering and she wanted you to help her decide.... you failed that tooor she could just be pissy

Is asking to be friends after breakup a wrong move?

Its always nice to consider a friendship after a breakup but it doesn't always work out that way. Right after a breakup you both need to take time away from one another as to get by and over this - then see what there is down the road.

What is recently contacted on my Facebook mobile How do you contact those friends for them to show up there?


It's called a breakup because it's broken?

its only called a breakup if you let it be broken. its probably the hardest thing ever to be friends with someone after a breakup, cause mixed signals & false heartness occurs. be yourself, and take it day by day.

How do you breakup with a friend?

Just say you dont want to be friends ... face to face...or...txting easy

Should a girl call her boyfriend after a breakup?

Only if you agreed to be friends, which doesn't always work.

How to get over a breakUP when the other one has cheated?

a couple of gallons of ice cream and some friends

Why is it so hard to get over an exboyfriend who was one of your best friends before you were dating and is now dating one of your friends?

Good question, and I believe that i have the in a couple of words. You are either sprung, dick whipped, or you are still in love with him.

What should you do when you know your girlfriend is still talking to her exboyfriend?

Nothing. They are perfectly entitled to remain friends. You only need to worry if they start behaving as if they were together again.

Why does ex say to stay in contact and be friends if he.she was the one to breakup?

Maybe because he/she just thought it wasnt working out and you would be better of as friends.

Has ABBA had a reunion since their breakup?

They've never played together in public since the breakup, but it's known they performed for friends at private functions at least three times since 1983.

Why did Madison Pettis and jaden smith breakup?

They didnt......they never went out! Jaden and Madison Are Just Friends

Is it okay to not be friends after a breakup or a rejection?

It is up to the involved party cause for me it was not possible to be friends. It is not easy to watch a ex hook up with a friend or some jerk.

Are Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder friends?

Yes, Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder are friends.