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That you are her friend:) it means you still mean alot to her.. believe me i know.. i LOVE MYSPACE! it means ur gay

2009-09-04 14:14:04
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What do you do if you have a boyfriend and your friend is looking for one?

Encourage your friend.... don't feel like you have to be a match maker though

Is the word friend masculine or feminine?

In the English language, friend is universal. You can have a friend that is a male, and a friend that is a female. The terms boyfriend and girlfriend are gender related, though.

What if you like your boyfriends friend and he likes you 2?

if you really like this guy, even though he is your boyfriends best friend, you have to let you r boyfriend go. if you like him more then your boyfriend, its ok.

What does it mean when a girl who is a friend kisses you sometimes and other times doesn't want to kiss you but has a boyfriend?

She has a crush on you even though she has a boyfriend and can not decide who she likes best! Your best option is if you like her do not get in the friend zone! But if you don't get in the friend zone!

What do you do if a guy breaks up with your friend for you and you go out with them even though your friend is really mad?


What do you do if your boyfriend cheated on you with your best friend?

There are several ways that you can react to this: You can forgive your boyfriend and ask him to work out the situation with you. You can break up with your boyfriend. You can not react at all, though I doubt this is what anyone would do.

Amy lee's real MySpace?

She doesn't have a personal myspace. The band has a myspace though, and that can be found at

Does kelly kelly have MySpace?

no. you can become a fan of kelly kelly on myspace though.

What should a person look for in a best friend or a boyfriend?

The friend or boyfriend should be loyal, supportive, easy to talk to/confide in, easy and fun to be around, and un-judgmental. It really depends on you, though, what traits you prefer.

Does Ryan Sheckler reply to his MySpace mail?

If You have an Official Ryan Sheckler MySpace as a friend, then no. It's actually run By Ryan ( His friend.) and has no Intension's of replying to any fan mail. It's not that He's rude or anything, but why reply to mail that wasn't even addressed to You In the first place ? Ryan ( Sheckler ) actually does have a personal MySpace account. I doubt He'll approve any friend requests that He receives though. You need His last name and E-Mail address. I have Him as a friend on my MySpace account, but that was only because I added Him way back In 2005.

How do you decide between your boyfriend who loves you but you love your best guy friend even though he denies liking you?

Wel I have a friend who is in the same situation and she hung out intell that friend liked her

Should you break up with your boyfriend because of your friend even though you love him?

no,you should not because you love him not youre friend so you should stay with him.

If you and your friend are talking about something and she tells her boyfriend even though its about the boyfriend but its not his business should she tell him anyways?

if it's none of the boyfriend's business you should not of told him

Should i tell my best friend that i love her even though she has a boyfriend?

absolutely ! be forward with her it may do you some good .

What should you do if your best friend is a girl and her boyfriend keeps getting mad at you because he thinks you like her even though you really don't?

get a new best friend

Is Lita still friends with Edge?

Not really. They still see each other though. They are still friend and if you don't believe check edges myspace page

Can people on MySpace and facebook meet in YoVille?

Yes, you will have to go to an event, find your friend, and add them to your buddy list. Then you can see when they are online. Can not be added as crew though...

Does tokio hotel have a myyearbook?

no. They do have myspace though.

What do you do if your boyfriend has a very close friend who he talk's to every day in the morning and night?

Well, they might be tight friends. Though, you should talk to your boyfriend just to make sure.

Is Lucy pinder dating Michelle marsh?

No, Lucy Pinder is heterosexual and has a boyfriend. Michelle Marsh is her best friend though.

Who is Nancy Drew's best friend?

I would say that honor would go to Ned Nickerson even though he is her boyfriend.

Would your best friend make a perfect boyfriend?

If he is your best friend and you are attracted to him (if looks matter to you) then he would obviously be a good boyfriend. One thing to make sure though is watch how he treats other girls. That is girls that aren't you though. See if he treats them differently or if he acts like a different person around them.

Does Jennette McCurdy have a your space?

No, she doesn't. She has a MySpace though!

How can you get a girl that has a boyfriend?

It will depend on how interested the girl is in her boyfriend. Though if you become her friend and try to help her out, she will rely on you more. If you wanna date someone the best person to date would be your best friend because they would know you the most. Just don't be to clingy.

How do you tell your friend that your in love with her even though she has a boyfriend?

If she has a boyfriend it would be best to not voice your feelings at this time. You cannot knowingly try to come between them if your truly her friend. I realize it must be hard to stand by and watch her with someone else but she is with that person because she wants to be.