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This could indicate that he still has feelings for you, or simply, he really likes the chain. If you think he still likes you, talk to him about it, or if you are afraid to, ask your friends or his friends if they think that he still likes you.


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Marvin (the tallest one) wears the cross chain as a special symbol

yeah, it may mean he still likes you or still cares for you yeah, it may mean he still likes you or still cares for you

so what, it doesn't matter if he wears tights.Only a piece of clothing!

Marley made the chain himself in life and wore it as a punishment in death

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Because it hurts his finger when he plays, he still wears it. It's on a chain around his neck :)

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It's a chain that has "There For Tomorrow" engraved in it.

One, you have good taste. Two, he's either greedy or he forgot where he got it from. As far as you're concerned ... nothing.

Well... in my opinion, I think you should..... ASK HIM!

Judging by the clothes he wears, he's more likely to have a boyfriend.

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It is a purity ring she just put it on a chain and wears it as a necklace. -SAra

yes she was poor and she still is she lives in the ground and she wears clothes with big big holes in it and her ex boyfriend kabutar used to come by every day to meet her in a rickshaw look up the 30 gold chain necklace have fun bulleting it up

Yes is mother died that's why he wears the t chain when he wrestles

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not really cause its just an item, an accesory, maybe its a nice ring. u really shouldn't worry, but if it really bothers u then talk to him or somethhing

She calls herself "Harajuku Barbie" and she often wears a Barbie chain.

No! but sometimes she wears them in music videos but still No!

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