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it's called Isafea

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Q: What does it mean if your ex is with someone and she tells other people she still loves me but when I tell her she says I know.?
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When was Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin created?

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin was created in 1999.

What to do when your husband loves you but you loves somebody else?

Well then you shouldn't have married him if he loved someone else! If you just found out he loved someone else, then talk about it with him and if its true, ground him from being with this other woman/man. If he still loves that person, i guess ya gotta get a divorce, sorry :(

How can you tell if someone loves you back?

If the other person pays attention to you, then he might love you back. Still you have to be sure by noticing signs.

My ex still calls me to tell me he loves me but he is sleeping with other girls what should you do?

Sorry to tell you, but sounds to me the your ex is a jerk since he just CAN"T sleep with another woman and tells you he loves you. If you still have any feelings for him, my best advice is to get rid of them because it isn't fair to you and to the other woman. I mean if he still loves you, then why does he sleep with another woman, its just wrong, and to tell you, i hate men/boys telling you they love you, but doesn't actually show you that he loves you or has someone else. I know that (if you still have any feelings for him) its not easy getting rid of feelings for somebody, but just remember that no one can love someone if they're sleeping with someone else, it just means that they're a two-timer and a jerk.

How can you know that someone still loves you?

You know that someone still loves you because they are constantly worrying about you. Also, they want to know what your doing every day. And you will just know because it will tell you in your heart.

If an ex of 5years says he likes you as a person and is still physically attracted to you but hes with someone else does he still love you?

yes he loves you and is not lusting you...the other person is a complicated REBOUND!

How do you find out if someone still loves you? ask.

What are the release dates for The Interface - 2007 Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin?

The Interface - 2007 Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin was released on: USA: 1 August 2008

How do you know when someone still loves you?

you know when someone loves you becase they show you they love you they treat you equel to them not lower they make you feel happy when your around them

My boyfriend and I are concently arguin and he is unsure if he still loves me what should you do?

i would dump him, find someone who loves you !

How can you tell if someone really still loves you?

if there still playing with you n if they still call you n flirts with you

How do you know if someone you love who says they love you too still loves you?

If someone loves you all they want to do is be around you and talk to you constantly. They will do anything to make you happy.

Can you love someone you not with?

why can love someone even if you are not with them. It is very possible. I have a friend that loves this guy very much but they are not together..but she still loves him. So yes i believe you can.

What if he got a girl pregnant but still loves you?

I don't think he loves you that much. If he did, he would never have gone out with someone else. Do you really want to start a relationship with someone that is burdened by a child? It will be a part of your life as well, which means that the other woman is also going to be a part of your life, like it or not.

Should you break up with your girlfriend because she still loves her ex?

yes because why stay with someone who love some one else and rather stay with someone who loves you.

What do you do when you have a baby by a man and he still loves his x?

Being in relationships with others does not prevent someone from being a parent. Prepare to be a single mom and meet someone who loves you the way you deserve. If he loves his ex it's tough for him because he can not have her but he should only be with you if he loves you, not because he can't have her.

What if I am friends with my ex and she's dating someone and she gave him her phone number and I know she still loves me what do I do?

She can still love you, many people take a long time to let go of people. I know you fought but you two are finished and she is moving on. You should too.

Is your ex mean because he still loves you?

No, he is mean because he is a jerk! A person who loves someone does not make their partner sad or unhappy.

What pleasures do people in bisexual relationships have?

The main pleasure of being in a relationship is having someone to love, and having someone who loves you. This does not change despite a person's sexual orientation. Both people in the relationship still share a mutual love despite their sexual orientation. In addition, other pleasures include spending time with each other and being able to make a positive impact on another's life.

Did Celine Dion love someone?

Yes, her husband Rene. She still loves him.

Who said- a friend is someone who knows all about you but still loves you?

Elbert Hubbard

If someone loves you why do they stay away from you for long periods at a time?

because they are shy around people they like.but they still try to catch a glimpse of you everywhere out!

Why does your boyfriend still call you baby when he is breaking up with you?

He probably still likes you but he has found someone that he loves even more.

How do you get over someone who you love and still loves you?

Just Wait Until Love Find You.

What do you do if you dont know if your girlfriend still loves you?

if you do not know that your girlfriend loves you, you should try asking her if she love you or you should ask her if she likes someone else