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it means that he still cares about you.that he doesn't like it when you're anyone elses',if he broke-up with you then you should get him to be more jealous so he can regret leaving you and if you still like him then this should make him realize what a huge mistake he did when he left you and will make him want you back.

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Q: What does it mean if your ex still gets jealous over other guys you talk to?
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Are guys jealous of other guys?

No guys aren't jealous of other guys. its the things other guys do that get them.

Does that mean a guy who liked you and is not your bf is not completely over you if he still looks or stares at you almost every time he sees you and gets jealous when he sees you talking to guys?

duh, he clearly still has feelings for you. Especially if he gets jealous when other guys talk to you.. ppl are weird sometimes and won't admit their true feelings but from the sounds of it he still cares for you otherwise he wouldn't care who you talk to or wouldn't stare at you

What does it mean if you bf gets jealous because he thought you were camming with other guys?

it means you were talking with some other boys

What does it mean when your with a guy and he doesn't want to be with you but he doesn't want you to be with anybody else?

It just means that he likes you as friend and gets jealous of you with others, it is like having a boyfriend, and you are with other guys, then he gets a bit jealous.

What do you do if your crush gets mad at you for talking to other guys?

Make him jealous and try to flirt with other guys to make him so mad so that he might have an interest and talk to you more

How do boys get jelouse?

You date other guys, it's make huys jealous and nothing gets a guys attention than a girl dating another guy.

How long does a guy at the age of 16 like a girl for if he after 1 year still starres at you and looks jealous when you are around other guys or if he knows the guy you are with comes and says hi?

I would totally say that this guy likes you if its been a year. Well if he gets jealous when you're with other guys but still says hi to the guy, i would say he is jealous but doesn't want to cause a big fuss about the whole thing. he also wants to let you know that he is still interested in you by noticing who you're with. so basically he likes you!!!

Who gets more jealous guys or girls?

There isn't one gender which really gets jealous more. People tend to stereotype women as being more jealous, but it's something that depends on the individual.

How do you know if your boyfriend gets jealous when you talk to other boys?

I think that when your boyfriend is jealous of your guy friends he will start to be around you more and when your guys friends come around he will completely ignore them and try keeping you all to himself. Another way is when he sees your guys friends talking to you or hugging you he gets mad.

Why guys get soo jealous but expect their girl not to get jealous of other girls they talk to and flirt with?

Girls try to make guys jealous to get more affection and attention from a guy.

If a guys gets jealous of you does it always mean they have at least something for you or could it be that they don't?

If they are jealous of other guys being with you, that means they want to be that guy. They want to be with you and obviously like you. If it is an ex, they should be jealous, cuz they gave you up. If it is someone you haven't seen yet, then maybe you should go out with them. But trust me, a lot of boys can be jealous. You can't treat them all.

What does that mean if the guy you like stares or looks at you whenever he sees you in class or in the hallway and gets jealous whenever he sees you talking to other guys?

You know I think it means he likes you and thinks you like other guys when you talk to other guys

How do you make your ex jealous jealous?

okay well the best way to make your ex jealous is by flirting with other guys...BOYS HE IS NOT FOND OF............ always look your best and act really happy around other guys

What gets a guy jealous?

Many things of course! But the thing that really ticks a guy off it when you hang out with other guys! Act like your the top dog, act like you're better than them. Don't talk to them or even aknowledge they're there. Flirting with other guys really gets guys jelous too.

What should you do when your boyfriend gets mad about you talking to other guys?

Tell him that he is being jealous and possessive so much that you feel too controlled by him, that you need more freedom and that only talking to other guys is really no reason to get jealous. Also tell him that you will watch out very much that you never flirt in any way with other guys. If he doesn't realize he's putting you into a cage and still goes on, you may want to consider giving him a last chance or directly breaking up.

What do you do if you have a boyfriend who loves you but gets jealous when another guy asks u out or when you hang out wid other guys I love him too n i don say yes to those guys n I am 12 n he 13?

Ok, first of all you're 12 and shouldn't have a boyfriend. Second of all who cares if he gets jealous, that's his problem. PS. Learn how to spell: ***What do you do if you have a boyfriend who loves you but gets jealous when another guy asks you out or when you hangout with other guys? I love him too and i don't say yes to those guys. I am 12 and he is 13? Furthermore, you dump him and you wait until you're of age to actually have a bonafide boyfriend.

What does that mean if the guy you like gets jealous when you talk to other guys?

it means you should totally shouldn't like him anymore because he shouldn't be jealous... or that he has feelings for you and wants you to be talking more to him than other guys. :) nah that's wrong! its a good thing for a boy to be jealous! That means the guy you like,likes you back and probably wants to go out with you and you should go out with him!

Signs boy likes you?

He talks to you but seems a bit nervous but all guys are not like that either He flirts with you Gets jealous when he sees you talking to other guys Calls/Texts you a lot But even if a guys does all those things there is still a chance the guy doesn't even like you sorry hun guys are just plain confusing lol

What does it mean if a guy that likes you teases you about other guys?

He is jealous.

Why Guys make Fun of other Guys legs?

Guys may make fun of another guys legs because they are jealous.

What signs do guys pick up on girls to try to figure out if she likes him?

try flirting with other girls in a real flirting way and see if she gets jealous or not

Guy friend who gets weirdly jealous when other guys flirt with you But he is dating another friend of mine What is up?

well he obivosly still cares for you cause he lost something he cared about dearly and trying to move on by dating another girl but can't recover by seeing you hanging out with guys or flirting.

Why do guys get jealous so easily?

Guys, get jealous because he loves & careabout you.

What kind of guy likes to watch his girlfriend flirt with other guys?

NICE and non-jealous guys!!!

What does it means when he always jealous when I'm talking about other guys?

He has feelings for you.