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Female beta is a murderer.


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The male will try to spawn with her. If she is not in breeding condition she needs to hide to stay alive.

Do you mean female and male? If so, then the female betta fish is smaller and less elaborate than the male.

If you mean Betta, She won't get the chance to. The male will chase her away and kill her if she is not removed from the tank.

It probably means that your female (girl) Betta is a male that has not yet fully matured.

It is courtship but be careful during the mating the male will kill the female then the male will make a bubble nest. When the babies hatch be shure to separate the babies or they will eat each other hope this helps

No they cannot. But if you're planning on breeding your betta fish I suggest you don't let the male and female share a bowl all the time. Because the female may not be particularly nice to the male. By that I mean she'll probably bite at him and other things so just be aware of that. Hope this helps :)

It looks like they have spawned and you have failed in your responsibility to remove the female before the male killed her. Remove her now before she goes rotten and completely putrefies the water and the male dies too. You will also need to do a couple of large water changes.

Usually this only happens when the male is either too young (inexperienced) to breed or he is too weak to breed. Either way they need to be separated before one gets killed. Then they need to be given both time and good food for a couple of months before putting them together again.

It could mean that you are over-feeding your fish. A male betta fish only needs to be feed about 3 times a week.

He is practising nest building just in case a female comes by. It is a sign that your Betta is now mature enough to breed. It can also mean your fish is very happy.(I don't have another betta but mine blew a bubble nest)

If you mean, Can dogs be male or female? Then the answer is yes. They can be both.

Male Betta splendens make bubbles when they are in breeding condition and ready to breed. Now, (provided your tank holds at least 10 gallons of water) is the time to add a female if you wish to breed them.

Depends on the color... cool colors mean male and warm colors mean female

I am assuming you mean Bettas. A male Betta needs to be kept away from all other Bettas. They can not be kept together. The male would kill at least one of the females. Then he would either breed with the living female and then kill her if she is not removed or he will try to spawn her and if she is not ready he will kill her anyway. This is how the Bettas evolved. Although they will mix with most other species OK male Bettas will not tolerate another Betta in their tank.

he is unaware that you just let a another fish in and wants to attack her for his territory,but if he starts making a bubble nest that means he is ready to spawn(mate) so put her in

A Female Hippie, when refered to by a male. A Female when refered to by a female.

I think you mean hermet crabs. yes, a hermit crab female can kill a male if threatened. that is to say if you have crabs weak or strong enough to kill or be killed by one another.

''Alta'' does mean tall in Spanish but it depends whether if you a Male or a Female. Male - ''Alto'' Female - ''Alta''

it is ready to mate when it has bars not stripes, stripes mean there in stress but they look like this ------ on the side of the betta , bars look like this I I I I on the side of the betta. if you have a betta that is light colored , you could tell by there big belly and the white dot is more bigger. people say that betta breeding is expensive because it is they go up to 600 frys (babies) , i say " just let those people do want to do". and i also heard that not all will survive. also if you want to sell them, i will say get a breed that is expensive not a veil tail because there the most cheepest. (i have a crown tail and ill breed her, so get rid of the divider or put them in the same tank (at least a 1 gallon), ALSO make sure you put several plants in so your female betta could hide from the male for a little. TAKE OUT FEMALE BETTA AFTER BREEDING OR THE MALE BETTA WILL KILL HER.

if you mean another betta yes. If you mean you, well I guess they could bite you but I have been researching bettas for almost 3 years and Ive never heard of it

It means that the female birds wants to be where the male bird is.

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