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Dreams provide insight into the thoughts and feelings of the dreamer - the person having the dream. Dreams of a certain person do NOT mean that person was thinking about the dreamer before going to sleep, and dreams do NOT provide evidence of true love. You and your friend have probably been talking together about this lad, and your friend probably admires your taste in guys. So your friend's subconscious mind picked up the image of the lad to appear in her dream. It does not mean anything is amiss in your friendship.

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You and your friend both fancy the same lad but he fancies you and not your friend what should you do?

Talk to your friend about it. If they are really your friend they will let you do what you like, but it is the same for you

What does it mean when you dream about a lad?

It is not possible to suggest a reliable interpretation without further information. A dream about "a lad" might be romantic or fearful or angry or sad. Moreover, such a dream would have very different meanings to a pregnant woman, a teacher, or a law enforcement officer. This could mean many things, the most likely is that you like him, you may not realize it but maybe deep down you have feelings for him, say if you dream about 1 boy every time you dream about a boy then he could be the one for you. Also it could mean you hate him and he has hurt you, maybe you went out with him and he broke your heart, anything like that.

Little Lad is my Friend True?

I love his dance. Yes I guess so. bubububble. Caitlin is my friend lol little lad is awesome I LOVE LITTLE LAD and GOD and JESUS

What does te gusta lad papas mean?

Translation: Do you like fries/chips/potatoes

You like a lad how do you tell him?

u tell bff or freinds to tell this lad u like him

What does jls mean in English?

It means jack the lad swinger.Jack Lad Swinger.

What does it mean when a lad says that they will take you from behind?

They want to have sex with you doggy style or from behind like dogs.

At the start of Justin Bieber - One time. Who is that lad sat next to him?

The lad sitting next to Justin is his best friend Ryan Butler.

What does toss a lad off mean?

It means to masturbate him.

What jls mean?

It is an initialism of Jack the Lad Swing

What is the girl version of a lad?

A lass or lassy. Lass means friend in slang. (used for girls)

What does JLS mean?

JLS stands for Jack the Lad Swing.

What does bhuachaill mean in English?

Bhuachaill is Gaelic for 'lad' or 'boy'.

Does lad mean male?

Yes. A female would be a lass.

What does Jack the Lad Swing as in JLS really mean?

it is a mixture of the urban music style 'New Jack Swing' and the term 'Jack The Lad'

What does get lad mean?

A lad is a young man, so it would be an ungrammatical way of saying "obtain the young man" or perhaps "go after the young man"

Does JLS mean Jack the Lad Swing?

yes it does and it can also mean just licks simons

How do you ask a lad out for the day but not on a date?

If He's A Friend then Just Ask Him If He Would Like To Hang Out Go SomeWhere Don't Be shy Just Ask Him If He Says No It's Ok It's Not Like It Was Gonna Be A Date. Right?

What is the masculine noun of lad?

"lad" is masculine, a "lad" is a young male human.

What does 'gilile' mean in Scottish Gaelic?

On the assumption you mean gille it means 'lad, boy'.

How do you reject a lad but still stay friends?

You say: "Oi, I fancy you as a friend, but only a friend, right? So let's go for a pint, right?" Done deal.

What does the medical abbreviation LAD mean?

LAD in medical terms most often means Left Anterior Descending, referring to an artery in the heart circulation.

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