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I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but this so-called male friend of hers is more than just a friend. I feel badly for you because she's making a fool of you. I know your heart is on your sleeve and there isn't anything you should change about yourself, but kick this gal to the curb and tell her not to let her slam the door on her butt on the way out. She's using you and hurting your feelings and there is simply no excuse for this. There are lots of nice girls out there that would be a lot more honest with you.

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How do you tell if your girlfriend wants to kiss you?

Odds are, if you haven't kissed yet, she's not your girlfriend. If she doesnt freak out when people ask if you two have kissed yet... May be get a friend to ask her?

The guy that you like likes you but he has a girlfriend who he likes also but he kissed you but he doesnt want to break up with his girlfriend what should i do?

well if he kissed you you just have to tell him, that was nice and that you like him and he might brake up with his girlfriend

Your friend kissed your girlfriend ona dare what do you do?

She should'nt have taken the dare.

My friend said he is on a break with his girlfriend but kissed me They got back together and he continues to kiss my forehead any help?

If your friend was on a break from his girlfriend, there was nothing wrong with him kissing you. Kissing you on the forehead is a friendly gesture and does not necessarily mean anything romantic.

What do you do when your friend doesnt care that she kissed you crush?

What you do is talk to her first and if she dosent care beat her up.

You and your girlfriend are taking a break and she kissed your best friend what should you do?

You're jealous, so back to her.

You and your girlfriend are taking a break and she kissed your best friend now she is thinking about have sex with him what should you do?

Hit him

What 2 do when your girlfriend tells you she kissed your friend?

don't forgive her because if you did it to her shed slap you and would not forgive you!

What should you do if you kissed your best friend at prom and you like them?

Ask them to be your boyfriend/girlfriend (i dunno which gender you are so...)

What should you do if you kissed your best friend while he and his girlfriend were on a break?

well, I would be awkward for your best friend. Your best friend's girlfriend probaly thinks that your best friend is still her man. So, his gf will hate you if she finds out

Should you break up with your girlfriend if she french kissed your best friend?

It depends, on if they have been doing more and how long..

What should you do if your best friend kissed you while he and his girlfriend were on a break?

Hmmmm... first you should not have let him. He is your best friend and that will just mess with your relationship. Now it will never be the same. He and his girlfriend were ON A BREAK, not broken up. Therefore probably will or already have gotten back together. Bad mistake on both of your parts.Well the person who answered before me is right but they forgot to mention the fact that your best friend may have kissed you because they were stressed about theyre current relationship. That means he may have no feelings for you.

Has Joe Jonas kissed his girlfriend Selena Batista?

Yes in fact they have a 3 year old son together

So he kissed me but has a gf?

If a guy kissed you and he has a girlfriend then he is a cheater. If he has a girlfriend, you should not date him or kiss him again until he is single.

What do you do when your girlfriend is kissed while drunk?

depends on who she is kissed by. if kissed by you when she's drunk, go for more. if kissed by someone else, forgive her

Has prodigy from mb ever kissed a girl?

he kissed his girlfriend not to long ago

How will your girlfriend text when she has kissed another guy?

i am sorry but i kissed another boy

I asked this girl to be my girlfriend and she said yes but i haven't kissed her yet so does this mean we are in a relationship?

Just because you didnt kiss her doesnt mean your not in a realationship.

Another person kissed my girlfriend on the cheek?

Depending on wether you see the person around you girl friend most of the time then the guy must love your girlfriend,but if not it was just a friendly kiss.

How can a 12 year old boy ask a 12 year old girl out politely without freaking out my friend right now is going out with my girlfriend last night he said he kissed her what do i do?

Get a new friend and also a new Girlfriend!;) Simple!

Does ash get kissed on the lips?

no, he doesnt unfortunately...

What is Jake austins girlfriends last name?

Jake T Austin doesn't have a girlfriend he has a boyfriend theres pictures of him making out with Dylan sprousehis girlfriends last name is stradis she is a friend of mine we go skl togetherAbigail Breslin is jake's girlfriend, because, jake kissed abigail!!!!

Has Liam Payne ever kissed?

he has a girlfriend.....

How can you stop being fridgid?

Talk to a friend who isn't fridgid or get a boyfriend/girlfriend who isn't usually once you've kissed a boy/girl you can do it again!

Did renesmee and Jacob Black kiss?

In the series, no. But they probably kissed sometime in their long lives together, so don't be dissapointed. :) _______________ No, she's a toddler. She bites him plenty though ---------------------------------- he doesnt want to kiss her because he thinks that is wierd, he treats her like a little sister compared to a girlfriend