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Well it probably means that she thinks you did something wrong, and even though you did it she still loves you and wants to work it out :)

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Q: What does it mean if your girlfriend tells you she still loves you?
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Related questions

What does it mean when a guy tells you he loves you but he has a girlfriend?

I think it means this boy loves you more as a friend or he wants you instead of his current girlfriend. It either means that he loves you but not enough to end it with his girlfriend or that he loves you but he doesn't want to hurt her.

If he tells you he loves you and even tells his ex girlfriend he loves you when she asks if he even likes you does he really mean that he loves you or is he lying?

Because a boy says he loves you doesnt always mean he loves you. That doesnt mean that he doesnt THINK he loves you and it could just be puppy love but if even tells his ex girlfiend that he does love you, then I wouldn't worry about anything. He's totally into you!

What does it mean when your girlfriend tells you that she loves you but shes not in love with you?

A very nice way of saying you are not who she wants to be with.

How can know if your girlfriend loves you?

The easiest way to tell if your girlfriend loves you is if she tells you. The better way of finding out if she really loves you though is by watching her ACTIONS. Does she show it by showering you with affection? Does she surprise you with little tiny things that mean the most?

What does it mean when your boyfriend tells his ex girlfriend he loves and misses her?

It probably means exactly what you are afraid it means. I'm sorry . . .

What does it mean when my guy friend whom has a girlfriend tells me he loves me as a friend?

This type of love is agape love, not romantic love.

He's said he still loves me but he loves his new girlfriend more?

He probably will always love you its cause you were his girlfriend before. Does he mean it though? If he says he loves the new girlfriend more then obviously he dosent love you as much as her and he is trying to make you feel better.

What does it mean when a man tells you he loves who you are?

He loves you

What does it mean when a guy tells you he loves you?

he loves you

What does it mean when a guy tells a girl that she is wonderful?

if a guy says your wonderful it definitely mean that your very different from others and that your are everything he is looking for in a girlfriend and that your very special to him and he really loves you

Does your boyfriend love you if he tells you he loves you and then he tells you that he has a girlfriend and you are a friend and you think he does not love you but his expression says he loves you?

Men have other friends that are girls all the time, it doesn't mean hes sleeping with them. Go with your instinct. If he says your his girlfriend then you have to ak yourself if you trust him. If you don't trust the man your with then its doomed to fail anyway.

What does it mean when a guy that you like tells you he hasn't been looking for anyone?

Maybe he already has a girlfriend and loves her so much or he is not yet ready to find someone because he still cant move on his past relationship ( he is heartbroken).

What does it mean if a boy tells you he loves you but he wont break up with his girlfriend?

That he's stupid. He's not worth your time. Just forget about him. If he gets over himself and still likes you, and you still like him, go for it. But remember, if he wasn't loyal to this girl, he may not be for you either. Even if he says he will be.

What does it mean when your ex tells you he loves you in a dream?

It could mean many things! it could mean he still likes you, it could mean u still like him or the other thing it could be is.....ITS JUST A DREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What does a guy mean when he tells his friend his girlfriend is quality?

If a guy tells his friends that his girlfriend is quality, he means that she is a great girlfriend.

What does it mean when your girlfriend asks for some space and thinks a wee bit of time apart would be good for us but still loves me and want to still be my girlfriend?

she's pretty much telling you that it is over

What does it mean if you have a dream of you running into your ex boyfriend and he tells you sorry and that he still loves you?

It probably means that you want to see him again.

What does it mean if your ex is with someone and she tells other people she still loves me but when I tell her she says I know.?

it's called Isafea

What does it mean if a boy calls you his girlfriend's name?

He loves you :)

What should you think if you ask your husband if he still loves his ex-girlfriend or wife and he tells you he's not going to answer that question?

It means you have overstepped your bounds. He feels that you do not trust him and that he doesn't have to answer that question. He married you, not the ex girlfriend. He may always have some feelings about her, but it doesn't mean he loves her or doesn't love you. What is in the past should stay there. Focus on your future together. If you are having problems, seek therapy for yourself and both of you together.

He tells me he still loves me want to be with me but he also tells me just because i love you dont mean i have to be with you what is he doing?

what he is doing is trying to gain the upper hand in the relationship by showing you need him.

What does it mean when my girlfriend tells me your my better half?

She maybe saying that she loves you, or she is hiding something that she doesn't want you to know. I'm just speaking from experience

When a guy tells you he loves you during sex does he really mean it?

Depends if he loves you..??

Your boyfriend's password is his ex girlfriend's nickname he made one yesterday does that mean he still loves her?

No. It may just be easy to remember

What does it mean when a guy stays with his girlfriend after an affair?

It means he loves his girlfriend and has realised that the other girl/woman, is not worth as much as she is. People go through moments of weaknesses when sudden rush takes them over and blurs their judgment. The important thing is that he got back with her and still loves her. Here, the girlfriend needs to understand his position and support him if she still wants anything with him.