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I would check the fuses. if all fuses look okay then check the wiring. if the wiring looks fine i would recommend taking it to a shop.

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โˆ™ 2012-04-09 23:09:53
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Q: What does it mean if your headlights went out on a 1998 Toyota corolla?
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What does the yellow exclamation point mean on a Toyota corolla?

Tire pressure.

What does CE mean after the vehicle name Toyota Corolla?

ce= normal

What do dash icons mean on Toyota Corolla Spacio 2001?

ok well if you have a Toyota corolla spacio of the 2001 and you have a baby on board sticker well that mean the you are a gay person and that u fart everywhere u go

Does 2001 toyota carrillo have a timing belt or timing chain?

If you mean Toyota Corolla it has a timing chain. No maintenance is required.

What does light on steering wheel mean on 2008 Toyota corolla?

There is no light on the steering wheel.

What does the Sun symbol mean on the Toyota Corolla dashboard mean?

I wondered that myself. Turns out it's not a sun, it's a light bulb. The answer I found is this: "Indicates that the side marker, parking, tail, license plate, instrument panel and headlights have been turned on."

What does the light bulb picture on a 2007 Toyota corolla dash mean?

It means one of them is burned out.

What does trouble code p1229 mean in a Toyota corolla 2006?

1229 - fuel system over presure

What does it mean when the brake light randomly comes on and off on a 1998 Corolla?

try releasing the brake

What does the square box with 3 wiggly lines mean on the dash of a Toyota corolla?

Probably the rear defrost indicator.

What do dashboard symbols in a Toyota Corolla mean?

The dashboard symbols on the Toyota Corolla as well as other vehicles are designed to help you know that your car is running properly. You will find your engine light, oil gauge, hazard lights, and blinkers with your dashboard symbols.

What does a light on my dashboard that looks like a U with a line in the middle of my 2013 Toyota corolla mean?

Tire pressure is low.

What does mean gli and xli in Toyota cars?

Xli and Gli are two trims of toyota corolla, available in different countries, just like vvt-i.xli is a lower trim and gli is a higher and more expensive trim... when we say toyota corolla xli are we talking about engine model or the car model

What does check engine code PO136 mean for a 1997 Toyota Corolla?

it mean syour o2 sensor bank 1 sensor2 is defective this is the sensor after the cat.

What does the little red button on the driver side mean on a 1999 toyota corolla?

The little red button on the driver side is for overdrive.

What does it mean when your emergency brake light keeps coming on but shuts off as well Its for a 2001 Toyota Corolla?

Check your brake fluid level.

What does the round symbol with a exclama tion mean 2009 Toyota corolla sport?

I think it's the low tire pressure light you are asking about.

What does 2005 Toyota corolla obd2 p0741 mean?

Trouble code P0741 means:Torque converter clutch circuit performance or stuck off

What does a check engine code PO136 mean for a 1997 Toyota Corolla?

The check engine code PO136 means the O2 sensor circuit malfunction

What does the instrument panel symbol that looks like a rectangular box with air flows out mean on a Toyota corolla?

possibly front or rear defrost indicator

Where is the signal flasher located on a 2004 Toyota Corolla?

If you mean a turn signal, its on the lever on the left side of the steering wheel, just as it is on ANY car.

What do the warning lights on the dash of a 1998 Toyota rav4 mean?

The warning lights on the dash of a 1998 Toyota Rav4 can mean anything from low fuel to brake problems or overheating. Each light has a unique image which denotes the specific problem.

What does theme mean in English?

It refers to an idea of throught behind the document in question. It refers to what the document is about. For example, if the article is about the Toyota Corolla, the theme will be that type of car.

How do you operate the beams on a 1998 Crown Victoria?

On a 1998 Ford Crown Victoria : If you mean that you want to turn on the high beam headlights ( push the turn signal lever forward , away from you )

What does corolla mean in Japanese?

its a name