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He probably loves you so much that he felt so guilty what he had done that he couldn't stand it any longer having it eat at him that he had to confess to you that he did something very awful. Most guys wouldn't confess on their own only unless they got caught first then they would have to explain but in this case it sounds like he couldn't live with himself keeping it a secret so he had to confess because he loves you so much even if he knows that he probably could lose his wife and family. =Answer= People make mistakes and obviously your husband did, but I respect him for being honest with you even though I'm sure it has broken your heart. He probably doesn't remember much of his evening if he was drunk or even who the girl really was (could have been a prostitute) and he wants you to go to the doctor to be sure he hasn't passed on HIV, AIDS or Herpes. Hopefully you will be fine. I know you'll probably be angry, but give the guy a chance. He could have so easily have hid this. After you are checked out by the family doctor (ASAP) and I'm sure things will be OK, it's time to sit down together and go over your relationship. Sometimes all of us could use a good kick in the slats every so often to get us started in our marriages because life is hectic and sometimes we can forget what is really important in our lives. Good luck!

2006-08-28 06:36:22
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Yes. For Gods sake, go get checked out by a doctor. Quickly!

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Have your doctor give you your proper diagnosis and get treatment for your STD if that is what it is then confront your husband. He will likely try to deny it if it is true and possibly accuse you of cheating because you will say you have an STD (he should get checked asap too) but if you feel that you are truly being cheated on you should not put up with this treatment and make a decision that is in your best interest - think about it - he possibly gave you an STD are you going to wait around for HIV/AIDS...

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If this relationship is causing this much distress in your life maybe it is not worth being in for you well being.

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