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What does it mean if your male friend has a best friend as a girl and they start to get affectionate What does the other friend do?


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September 14, 2011 12:46AM

ok im a guy but i have a friend who his best friend is a girl they used to hang every day together they know nearly everthing about each other eg favroite films what there good at and what there not they have never dated but when they started secondary school they got split up in different lessons they don't see each other as much but still hang wenether they

get the chance there both my friends and i know my male friend is affectionate about her iv told him to go for it because she gets embarresd about it whenever i tell her he likes her but he wont because he things they would stop being friends

I'm not a guy, but this is my answer. Okay that's a difficult one. You know, just because it might be awkward at times, you stil need to be a good friend. If it is odd just you, him, and her hanging out together, get some more friends. Maybe invite somebody else along so you guys can all hang out like a big date. Don't EVER let this get in the way of you guy's friendship.