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1st thought is you need shims if the flywheel is hitting the starter. What is the year and model of the vehicle?

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Q: What does it mean if your new starter is making a grinding noise and creating sparks when the engine is running?
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What is a high pitch grinding sound that last for a second is that the coil?

It sounds more like you are hitting the starter again after the engine is running.

Why would the small block engine want to keep running and making grinding noises after igintion is shut off?

Sounds like starter drive is not releasing--perhaps a bad starter solenoid

What happens when you turn the key with the engine on?

You re-engage the starter and you can damage the bendix, or the gear on the starter drive for the engine. It makes a grinding sound and will ruin the starter.

What is the gear grinding sound your starter makes only during the instant the engine fires?

The noise is the teeth on the flywheel grinding on the teeth of the starter. Check to see if the starter is loose, this is the most common cause of that noise.

What would make a grinding noise when starting the engine?

The starter could grind if the bendix is sticking

Will a car run with out the starter in it?

Certainly. Once the engine is running the starter is not needed.

What would cause my 93 dodge dynasty not to start I checked all fuses and relays. All it does is grind.?

If it is the starter that is grinding, the bushings are worn and the starter is "dragging" and not spinning fast enough to get the engine started. Replace the starter, chances are that the armature is damaged due to the dragging (grinding against the inside wall of the starter.

Where is the starter in a car?

At the back end of the engine is a large ring gear connected to the engine crankshaft. If there is a starter (some engines do not have starters) it will be mounted in the engine such that the bendix gear of the starter can engage the ring gear and spin the crankshaft. It's called a bendix because it jumps out to engage the ring gear (while the starter motor is running) and retracts off of the ring gear once the engine is running (starter motor no longer running). It is typically access from under the car. If you must replace it, let the engine cool off first. Otherwise the starter will be just as hot as the engine is.

If your starter whines loud while at idle Is it the starter that needs replacing or it is the flywheel?

If the starter is whining while the engine is running at an idle you have a problem with the ignition switch or the starter solenoid is stuck. The starter should not be engaged while the engine is running unless you are holding the key over on the start position.

Can accidentally grinding the starter of a car for a second cause damage?

ok ,you must be on about turning the key with the engine already running ,,once or twice you would get away wit ,as a rule you shouldn't have caused no long term damage

1984 ford bronco 2 starter grinding problems is there a thin plate between the engine and trans?


1988 Ford Taurus the starter wants to keep running?

The starter solenoid is not disengaging once engine is started. Rebuild starter or replace with a new starter.

What is the purpose of the overrunning clutch in a starter?

When starting an engine the starter motor turns the crank shaft via the fly wheel at a set speed. Once the engine is running the speed of the flywheel increases above the speed of the starter motor. To stop the starter motor from being damaged once the engine is running a clutch mechanism is used to stop the flywheel turning/ spinning the starter motor mechanism too fast or 'Overrunning'.

What would the starter still be engaged after engine is running?

bad starter, or switch, or a short in the wiring. hope it helps. duboff

What causes broken teeth on flywheels on 1999 suburban?

Starter misaligned? Starter engaged with engine running? Metal fatigue?

What if the ignition switch starts the starter and the engine run but unfortunately starter continues running what is the cause of this?

Probably a stuck solenoid.

What is the use of a motor starter?

It cranks the engine over in order for it to start running.

On a 91 ford explorer the question is why would the starter not only stay engaged to the flywheel after the engine has started but keeps running even after the key and engine have been turned off?

The 1991 Ford Explorer should have a separate starter relay that sends power to the starter. It sounds like the relay has stuck and is sending power to the starter even after the vehicle is running.

Why does your car make a grinding noise when you start it?

Could either be a bad starter drive or a bad tooth on the ring gear/flywheel Try turning the engine manually (large socket on crankshaft) and see if it starts without grinding. If so, probably a bad tooth. If no change probably a bad starter drive

Does the starter make loud grinding noises when it starts?

Not supposed to. Problem is most likely not releasing quickly enough once engine does start, usually bad starter & or solenoid or you need some shims.

Can you clean oil of a starter safely and what chemical wont damage the starter?

As long as the engine is not running, you can wipe the starter casing down of any oil spilled on it. Since the battery delivers a substantial voltage to the starter which is required to crank the engine; you wouldn't want to accidentally touch the terminals on the starter when it was turning over.

Why a 1972 mustang fastback with a 351 Cleveland been having trouble getting the engine to turn over when the key turns something in the starting system makes a grinding noise what could be wrong?

The grinding noise you hear is probably coming from your starter. When the bushings wear out, the armature "drops" against the casing, making it difficult to spin without "grinding" on it. Starters can be rebuilt if you are mechanically inclined - you can buy a "starter overhaul" kit at almost any auto parts store. Before you buy a kit, remove the starter and inspect it - it might be too far gone from the grinding to overhaul. If that's the case, you will need to buy a new or rebuilt starter.

How do you stop your starter from grinding and sticking on your Chevy 305?

Two possibles: It needs to be shimmed. Chances are if it is a replacement starter it needs to be shimmed. you can buy shims at almost any parts store, they go between the starter and its mounting point on the block. usually one will be sufficient. also possible you have burrs on the flywheel or starter gear that are hanging it up, should be able to tell that when you pull it to add the shim. I recently had a starter grinding problem with my boat which has a Chevy 305 engine. You could lose a lot of time trying to find the correct shim thickness, not to mention you have the possibility of breaking a bolt off in the engine. I fixed my problem by having the starter bolts just loose enough to move the starter with my hands while I had someone bump the ignition switch. I had to move the nose of the starter down and it corrected the grinding.

Why does a 1994 Topaz with 120000 on the engine make a grinding noise when starting or it wont start at all?

That is a broken/worn teeth on the flywheel or on the starter pininon gear. That is why you hear a grinding noise. It's the starter turning without being able to engage.From what you describe I would suspect that the starter is not fully engaging. I'm assuming that the grinding noise you hear when you try to engage the starter is INSTEAD of the engine cranking. If I assumed wrong, ignore the following:Pull the starter, check the flywheel for excessively worn areas. Most of the time the flywheel is ok, it's just the starter. If you feel comfortable working on the starter, just get a new bendix and clean up the rest of it. Any time you disassemble a starter you should replace the bushings and brushes. Never remove the starter with the battery still connected. Remove the negative terminal from the battery before you attempt to remove the starter.

New alternatornew solenoidand new batterybut having grinding noise near starter what is the noise?

The grinding noise you hear may be due to worn bushings on the starter. When the bushings wear, the armature will "drop" and grind against the inner part of the starter, causing it to rotate slowly and not spin fast enough to start the engine. Remove the starter and have it checked out at your local AutoZone or similar auto parts store. If the bushings are worn, it is likely that the armature and internal wall of the starter may be also be damaged and the whole starter will have to be replaced.