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Could have been implantation bleeding if pregnancy is a possibility for you go get an at home test or make a doctors appointment for a blood test to see what is going on hope everything works out for you Good Luck and God Bless!!!

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Q: What does it mean if your period starts at its normal time but stops hours later?
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Why is your period been so late its useally normal but than it starts to get later and later Why is that?


What does it mean when your period just stops for a few hours and then goes on a few hours later?


If you start your period and its normal for that week and then three or four days later it starts again heavy what does that mean?

this happened to me to. what is it?

Is it normal for a women to start her period a week later after having intercourse?

Yes, this is normal. Intercourse doesn't effect menstruation at all so it has no relation to your period, when your period starts is dependent on your menstrual cycle - sex doesn't effect this.

What does it mean if your period stops and then starts again a day later?

It's absolutely normal! It happens to all girls. Nothing to worry about :)

Is it normal to have mucus while you are on your first period instead of blood?

Yes.It is normal but it is not your true first period. It will come later.

What if a dog in heat in heat bleeds then when out of heat stops bleeding but a few days later starts again?

I'm really trying to find the same info but not with much success. If your dog goes in to heat and bleeds her normal week-ish period and stops and then starts bleeding again a few days later - is this normal? I would really appreciate any advise...

What is a rolling 24 hour period?

A rolling 24 hour period has indefinite start and stop times. Our Earth day is 24 hours and begins at 12:00am. A rolling 24 hour period could begin at any time during the day or night and end 24 hours later.

Could you be pregnant if you got your period 2 weeks early and then 2 weeks later you start your normal period?


If you had one normal period and than a heavy period 2 weeks later could you be pregnant?

You probably just had a miscarrage.

What happens when you miss your period and come on later?

Its normal to occasionally miss a period. About 2-3 a year are missed on average.

How soon after ovulation does an egg start to disintegrate?

Roughly 14 days later - when your period starts

Is it normal to be thirteen and not have your period yet?

Yes, it is normal. It can appear at anytime, as early at age 10, or later at 16. It can even appear earlier or later. If in doubt, contact your doctor.

If your period is normal and after your period and 3 days later you have spotting what does that mean?

This could be left over blood from your period, pregnancy related or caused by a UTI.

What does it mean if you got your period for the normal 5 days then 3 days later you got a brownish like resedue?

It is simply cleaning out after a period.

When is the normal age to get my period?

arund 12 if later talk to a friend or female with period all dont come around the same time

Had normal period then followed by spotting 10 days later now 1 week late for next period?

Take a pregnancy test

Could you still be pregnant if pre-ejaculate fluid touched the outside of your vagina but you had a normal period a few days later?

I know this girl that had her period like normal for 3months and then she stopped have her period and she was pregant and she was going on her 4th month.

Is is normal to have your period a week early with no cramps?

Yes it is normal. If you exercise more then you will have it later . And the cramps it just depends sometimes ya' have them sometimes ya' don't ... But yeah it is normal....

Your hcg was 55 on a blood test but you got your period the same day ans still have it 2 days later just normal period cramps and not any heavier than normal What is happening?


Is it normal for you period to start late in march because of February being a short month?

February being a short month should have nothing to do with your period start date. So if your period starts late in March, it is not as a result of how many days are in February. Your period should come when it is due; if it is later than usual, you might want to take a pregnancy test or consult your doctor.

Is it normal to have no pubic hair at age 13?

Yep, it usually starts about this time, some later. It's nothing to be concerned about.

What do it mean when you spot after your period?

last month i didnt have a normal period or this month . thismonth i had a period for one to two days now a week later i a bleeding brownish red am i pregnant ?

What kind of surface did the Quaternary period have?

That period encompasses a very long time and starts with the earth covered in Glaciers, later came the decline of the Glaciers and the rise of man.

If an employee works one shift starts on one day and ends 2 days later for a total of 42 hours but the start day is in one pay period and the end day is in another period does overtime apply?

If an employee works 42 hours in one pay period, they are eligible for over time. If the 42 hours worked is broken into two separate pay periods, they are not eligible for over time. Check with your local labor board for more information.