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It could possibly be implantation spotting- wait a week and take a test.

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Q: What does it mean if your period was 10 days early and only lasted 2 days with brown discharge and a light pink discharge afterward and could you be pregnant?
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Do you discharge ovulation discharge if pregnant?

if you are pregnant you miss your period

Is discharge the same before you get your period and when you are pregnant?

No, when you are pregnant you tend to get more discharge then normally. And at the end of your pregnancy you get alot of discharge.

Can you be pregnant if you had a period that lasted 4 days and now two weeks later i have cramps and also going to the toilet a lot and a pink discharge 3 days after my period?

Yes, if you feel that you could be pregnant you should take a home pregnancy test and/or see your Dr.

I'm on my first month of NuvaRing and I left my NuvaRing in for four extra days during those day I had brown discharge and my period only lasted for 2 days. Is that normal Could I be pregnant?

if u had a brown discharge- that was your period - meaning u'r NOT pregnant. And if i recall, the Nuvaring instructions motioned that even if u forget to take it out it stops "working" after 21 days...

If your period lasted only for 3 days could you be pregnant?

No. If you were pregnant you would'nt have gotten your period at all.

Could you be pregnant if You had a brown discharge followed by your period that lasted 5 days last month and this month your period seems to be late?

About the brown discharge, you should probably visit a gynecologist because your discharge is a good indicator of your health. Irregular periods are normal, but not if you've been regular your whole life. And lastly, missing your period is frightening, have you had any unprotected sex? If yes, maybe you should check you're not pregnant. If no, then I still think you should visit your gynae about the discharge...

Can you be pregnant if you get your period 2 days afterward?

Some women have had 'break through bleeding' when pregnant. This resembles a period. However, this is not what typically happens. In most cases, when your period arrives, it means that you are not pregnant.

Can you still be pregnant if you were 2 days late and your period only lasted 2 days?

there is no way you can have your period and be pregnant.

Are you pregnant if you have brown discharge before your period?


Could you be pregnant if your period only lasted 2 days?

No , you cant if your period on

What does it mean if you started your period but it only lasted a day?


If you have late period for three days and you spot dry discharge are you pregnant?

Probably not pregnant. You just had a short period, for whatever reason.

You were a day later coming on period before you had a clear gel discharge during period blood gel discharge in it when finished got like brown yellow discharge and symptoms of pregnancy am i pregnant?

Signs of pregnancy are a missed period and positive pregnancy test. Take a test to find out if you're pregnant.

What can cause a brownish-pink discharge about 14 days after your period?

Light pink discharge is common if you are pregnant.

Is brown discharge a week before your period means that you are pregnant?


What does brown discharge with a light period mean?

You might be pregnant

Does white creamish discharge by the 30th day mean you are not pregnant?

No. Getting your period means you are not pregnant.

Could you be pregnant if your period was 3 days late and lasted about 2 days?

yes you could be pregnant.

If your period was extremely light and only lasted three days could you be pregnant?

Yes you could be pregnant.

My period was late i took a pregnancy test and it said not pregnant i am having brown discharge and have for about a month what is going on?

the brown discharge may be your period in a different color

Can you have brownish discharge two days before your period and not be pregnant?

Yes. Brownish discharge two days before one's period does not definitively confirm pregnancy.

Could you be pregnant if you started your period 19 days early with some brown discharge and it lasted 4 days heavy and then very bright red blood for 2 days and then very light pink and some brown?

Not likely.

When you are ovulating you get that white discharge so if you become pregnant while ovulating does the discharge continue for a few days or does that mean that you are not pregnant?

i think since you don't ovulate after becoming pregnant anymore then you can't be pregnant if you still have the white discharge coming out to me its just a sign that your period is on it's way!!!

Could you be pregnant if your period was late and only lasted three days?

Yes it's possible. And to everyone saying you can't have a period when you're pregnant..WRONG

Are you pregnant when you have white menstruation before your menstruation period?

it is called discharge