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It can mean a lot of things. Sometimes women get exhausted in their daily chores and don't feel up to intimacy. Sometimes they carry bad feelings about something that happened weeks ago. Sometimes they just need a little excitement and romance. Try a mini-vacation. Go away from home, someplace that she would like, and try to understand what it is that SHE needs. If all else fails, you may need to go to a marriage counselor to work it out.

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What do you call it when a husband asks for support from his wife?

trust love and affection

What did Isis believe?

Isis was worshipped as the archetypal wife and mother: love and affection.

What does uxorious mean?

= uxorious = -excessively fond of or submissive to a wife -A perverted affection that has strayed to one's own wife.

How to be acceptable to my wife family?

The best way to be acceptable to the family of your wife is to show your love and affection for her and her family. Be open, be honest and most importantly, be yourself.

Who is the wife of Jankamaharaju in Ramayana?

Queen Sunayana was the wife of Janakamaharaju in Ramayana. Though Sita was not her biological daughter, she had shown great affection and love for her (Sita).

How do you use affection in sentences?

Our mother was a wonderful, kind woman who showed us plenty of affection when we were children. He loves his wife dearly but has trouble expressing his affection in public. The brothers fight a lot at home, but when one is picked on at school, their affection for each other is obvious. In the marriage ceremony, the rings are a sign of love and affection.

What is a sentence for affection?

In its most common meaning: a feeling of 'caring about, or liking', possible sentences for the noun 'affection' could include:'The dog surprisingly showed affection for the kitten from the moment they met.''He has great affection for his wife and family.''Over time they came to realize their strong friendship, their feelings of affection for each other, had turned into something stronger: they were in love with one another.'

Can a wife breastfeed her husband?

Breastfeeding your husband seems normal; it shows your true love and affection for him. I see breastfeeding your husband is like sex.

What does it mean when a husband has no feelings left for his wife?

it means that he does not love his wife like he used to.

When does alienation of affection apply?

The only time I have encountered the term "alienation of affection" applied was when a married couple is broken apart by a third party.In other words, a woman has a relationship with a married man and he no longer has affection for his wife. Hence, his affection for is wife is now alienated because of the other woman.Some states have laws that cover "alienation of affection".

Can a wife sue a mistress in Arkansas?

Assuming you're talking about suing for alienation of affection… No. Arkansas does not allow alienation of affection lawsuits. However, the wife can file for divorce on the grounds of adultery.

Who is john cena in love with?

His wife because they recently just got married,i mean who else other than his wife would he be in love with?

What are the ratings and certificates for The Good Wife - 2009 Alienation of Affection 3-12?

The Good Wife - 2009 Alienation of Affection 3-12 is rated/received certificates of: Netherlands:12

What is real love with wife?

real love with wife is unconditional real love with wife is unconditional

What does Te quiero a mi esposa Bella mean?

"i love my beautiful wife"

If a guy is married and he flirts around with someone else does it mean hes not in love with his wife?

no it doesnt...flirting can be harmless nonsence, just cause a guy chats with another woman doesnt mean he doesn love his wife..

Do cheating husbands love their wife?

it can be possible ANSWER: For some yes they do but not the way he use to love her. If this married man really love his wife, and I mean truly love his wife, do you think he will think of hurting her even betrayed her? I think not. For some married man who do cheat, their love for their wife is not the same anymore. For some married woman who ends up cheating, they also still love their husband but it was the husband who push the wife to go to another man.

How do you stop loving your wife when you don't want to and you have young children She loves someone else because of your inability to express love in the ways she needs?

You say you love your wife, but do not have the ability to express that love and it appears you have done nothing to help yourself understand why you feel this way. Seeing a psychologist or even a marriage counselor could have given you the skills you needed to feel free to express how much you love your wife. Before it is all over contact your wife and see if she will meet with you. Tell her you would like to try at your marriage and go to a marriage counselor or you will get psychological counseling because you love her that much (and mean it.)

What does it mean husband not making love to wife?

It means he won't or doesn't want to have sex with her!

When did Kurt Cobain's wife was dead?

Did you mean to type " When did Kurt Cobain's wife die?" because Courtney Love isn't dead yet...

What does it mean to be in love with your girlfriend?

To be in love with your girlfriend means you put her before anything else (like a wife) and care for her (not just sexually)

Why does your cat seem to show more affection towards your girlfriend than everyone else?

I bet it is a male cat. My male cat shows more affection to my wife than me.

What is wife?

Wife is love but not life.

Can you sue a single man for having an affair with your wife?

In some States you CAN sue for Alienation of Affection .

What does Te Amo Mi Esposa Por Vida mean?

It means: I love you, my wife, for life.

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