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It means that the case is closed-- either the case was dismissed, the Defendant acquitted, or the Defendant was convicted and sentenced for the crime.

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Q: What does it mean in a criminal court case that reads closed?
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What does it mean when the case status reads open on a criminal case?

It means that it is an active case that has not yet been closed, or adjudicated.

What does it mean when a case status reads disposed?

it means the court has reached a decision and the case is now closed.

Why would there be a warrant for an arrest if the case is closed?

Define "closed." Is the original police criminal investigation "closed" or is the actual court case itself closed? As long as there are outstanding and un-addressed matters or un-prosecuted defendants, a court case is never closed until all known defendants in the case have been prosecuted. .

What does it mean when a court rejects a criminal case?

I have heard of of a criminal copurt "dismissing" a case but I have never heard of a criminal court "rejecting" a case.

What does it mean if a criminal court case is closed but the disposition of the case says warrant?

Define what you mean by "closed." Without knowing this all-important fact the question cannot be answered.

In a Closed Criminal case what does Evidence 2 mean on court docket after case has been closed?

It may well be a notation made in some kind of Court Clerk "shorthand." Best thing to do is to ask someone at the Clerk Of Court's office what it means to them.

What does closed conversion mean in a criminal case?

what does closed by conversion mean

How can you obtain court documents on a criminal case?

Contact the court clerk from the court that adjudicated the case.

What case cannot be heard in a Court of Appeals?

a criminal case

If your case is closed can a social worker testify against you in criminal court if the civil case is closed?

In the US the prosecution may call anyone who can give testimony or expert evidence. This would include a social worker who may have been involved in a civil case.

What does it mean when the case status reads closed on a disposed by default civil case?

The case was closed. someone didn't show up to support their claim or didn't answer the claim against them.

What case can be heard in federal court?

criminal cases

What can I do if I lose a criminal case?

Face, and prepare to endure, the sentence of the court -or - appeal the case to the Court of Appeals.

If your court case is dismissed do you have to pay the court cost?

Depends on what type of case you have: If it is civil then yes If it is criminal then no

Court case acronym - ple gty sent?

What does Ple criminal court

What is criminal court case 9999999999 mean?

what this case number mean 9999999999

Who decides the severity of the punishment in a criminal court case?

the judge

What type of jury hears a criminal case?

A crown court

What are the two parties to a criminal court case called?


Which of the following is not a type of case heard in a civil court?


When a case of shoplifting is a case for what kind of court?

kind of court? Criminal court for adults, Family court for kids. Civil court of found not guilty for shoplifting and your suing them.

What is criminal court disposition?

A court disposition is is the ultimate adjudged result/finding of the case.

Is an Adjudicate case a closed case?

It is a case that has been Judged and decided upon by a court of law.

What type of court handles gender discrimination?

A civil or criminal court can handle a case like that , it would most likely be in criminal court and if they were unable to take the case it would handed up to a court like the state supreme court after it was tried in a lower court.

When a court has both civil and criminal jurisdiction what does this mean?

It means that that court can hear both criminal or civil cases. Either a criminal case can be filed and heard in that court, OR a civil case can be filed and heard in that court. For instance: most(all?) state circuit courts fit this description.

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