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yes you can act like them flirt in front of them drool in front of them. that same guy will go nuts when you put up a challenge

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Is a man a woman?

No, it can't really be that answer. There's two sides, man or woman. You are born usually just one gender. If you mean "Does a man act like a woman?" Well, if they are gay, perhaps. If the man thinks they are the opposite gender of what they were born to be, and have surgery to look and act like a woman, yes. But no it is very unlikely to have a man a woman.

Can watermelon act like Viagra on a man?


What does the man text he does not want to lead me on mean?

It basically means he doesn't want u to act like you want to be with him of you have no intentions to.

What does wigger mean?

Wigger is a slang word essentially translating into "white man trying to act like a black man". It is a combination of the words "white" and "the 'n' word".

What do giraffs act like?


How to act like a man?

Start by being mature.

What does a man really mean when he tells you you are all woman?

That means that you are very beautiful, and that you act as if you were not a man :)

What does sandwich act mean?

It means you dress up as a sandwich and act like one, as in you act like going to be eaten.

Book by Steve hervey?

Act Like a Lady,Think Like a Man

What if you like someone and they act like they like you to what does that mean?

You are looking in a mirror.

How do you get a girl not to like you?

Act mean or rude to her. But as a guy, I'd recommend you to man up and tell her you don't like her. It is rough, but it is way better than teasing her, which would make her think that you like her.

How do make a man crazy about girl?

Act like You don't even like him or care about him..

How do you act around the girl you like if you know she has a boyfriend?

Don't be a knob. Be respectful and dignified. act like a man, treat her like a woman, leave with dignity.

What does this mean Don't act like I don't act like more of a little kid than you?

They mean "Dont call me a little kid jsut because you are"

What does 'act an ass' mean?

like do not be like stupid but you are not

Should a male housewife dress and act as a woman?

No, you are still the husband and should act like one. Be yourself and act like a man. If you have children they will still need a father.

How do you look and act like a girl?

act girly. Yout know what I mean girlfriend!

Why does a female act like a man in looks and sexually?

because they want to

How do you act like a girl?

Be feminine if you are girl. But if you are a man then learn to be masculine.

Is Suicide is Act of man or Human act?

Suicide is a human act. FYI, an act of man is an act that can be shared with other animals. This includes acts such as sleeping and eating. A human act, on the other hand, is an act that is proper ONLY to man. Such acts include cursing and the like. So suicide is an act that only man can think of and, therefore, making it a human act since animals would never attempt to suicide because every animal's instinct is to survive.

Do Aquarius men act mean to you when they like you?

no its just you

What does it mean when your brother loves to act like an Indian?

If your brother likes to act like an Indian, it does not mean anything. All they are doing is being funny. Nothing to be worried about.

Do people have a sixth sense like spider man?

some depends on how you are defining it if you mean like spider man then partly but if you mean like psychics then some do

How does a sidekick in melodrama act?

A sidekick is supposed to take a pressurised story to the laughing side. A sidekick should act like a disturbed man or a man, who has some problems.

What does a the suffix ate- mean?

The suffix -ate can mean a state like candidate. It can also mean an act like graduate.

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