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What does it mean to be 'gray of face'?

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Gray of face means that you are old.

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When was The Face of Dorian Gray created?

The Face of Dorian Gray was created in 1983.

What is cure for gray hair?

why is my hair gray why am i so stupid what is gray why are you not talking to me you meanies im never speaking again to your ugly mean ccruel face!yeah!

What does it mean when the face by the yahoo messenger is white or light gray?

It means that the person is "asleep" or offline and unavailable to talk or chat.

Where do you get essence that's gray on my sims agents ds?

if you mean they grey rectangle brick shape with a face on it then you get it from the dust bin in your inventory

What color is a raccoon's face?

The face of the raccoon is gray with a black mask as well as white markings.

Why does Darth Vader's mask make his head gray?

The mask didn't make his face gray, it was the nearly burning to death that did that. All of that tissue on his face was most likely dead.

What does the name the Graiae mean?

Old gray or new gray

What does it mean when two gray dove land on your deck?

What does it mean when tow gray doves land on your deck

What does the last name gray mean?

Gray means welcome, blessings

What does the gray jelly bracelet mean?

gray means hafe to date

What does gray mean in French?

Gray is translated 'gris, grise' in French.

What kind of colors do a cockatiel come in?

Cockatiels come in a variety of colors. The most common are gray, pearl, pied, and lutino. Gray: Common gray body with white face or yellow face. Pearl: Gray with yellow tips on their wings. Pied: All yellow with orange cheeks. Lutino: All white with orange cheeks.

What color is an opossum?

gray and sometimes brown with a pink tail and a white face

What does a lupus mean by the gray wolf?

Lupus means wolf. Gray is an additional adjective.

Can a young goat have a lot of gray?

If you mean gray as in the colour of the hair than yes.

What does it mean she saw a gray cat walking a gray fence in a gray backyard?

there was a gray cat walking on a gray fence in a gray (or boring as some say gray means) backyard , or it just means your stupid for asking this question cuz it means what it says

What do face mean in spanish?


What is the polish word for gray?

there are several words that mean gray like Szary, Siwy, Popielaty

What does it mean to find gray feathers?

It means that a bird with gray feathers has been in the area recently.

What does the gray thunder symbol on ooVoo mean?

Mean trying to reconnect.

What does a gray orb mean..the coloring not the meaning of an orb. I need to find out what the gray means?

a gray orb is a spherical ball which emits light such that the color can be described at gray.

What does the name ashlee gray mean?


What does the name gray mean?

Gender:MaleOrigin:GermanMeaning:Spear Carrier

What does the name Hiral mean?

pedo gray

What does the prefix polio- mean?