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What does it mean to be fast like in a bad way talking about somebody?


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Usually it means your quick to jump into the sack or a relationship with someone


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Somebody is talking bad about you but if your left Rae ring somebody is talking hood about you then if your hand itchs something good is going to happen

it means to ask somebody something lik what are you talking about

it means you like somebody

what do you mean "copying" like how?

it means not being yourself or not acting like you normally do around somebody

Speaking in tongues is a religious experience. Somebody will talk in tongues because God (the Holy Spirit) is talking through them and the only way people can understand them is when God uses someone to interpret what is said (unless somebody is talking in a different language and somebody else who knows that language can understand them).

Earnestly: To talk with and/or to somebody rather seriously. The father was talking earnestly with his oldest son.

Like a criminal, somebody up to no good.

It normally means that they like you

Somebody has a lien on whatever you are talking about. That means money is owed and the object is the guarantee.

Either the guy is interested in that girl, or he just was interested in what she was saying.

I think you mean vigilante, which is somebody that takes the law in his own hands. Like beating somebody up that tries to steel.

Hes talking to his recent x gf about his oldest x gf saying that somebody told him that the recent x gf had a bf that looked like his oldest gf, therfor both of the x gf are...well are "together" a relationship.

I like (something or somebody) very much.

That Somone is talking Either very fast, or alot.

Define talking. but if you mean like talking generously like how was work and this woman is your friend then its not cheating. but if your talking about you no what the yes it is considered cheating.

Then he likes talking to you, and wants to talk more.

like, if somebody sez, 'he's a multi-billionaire,' they mean he has over a billion dollars.

By contact, do you mean touch, or like your calling somebody?

It means that you like talking.

It may mean that she's nervous about talking to you (because she likes you), or that's just how she normally talks.

well, somebody said that if you want to cure your fear should to it fast or get the person really used to it. when i said fast i mean get the person to be face-to-face with his/her fear. like if your have a fear for snakes you should go to the zoo or something to see or hold a snake..

It could be nothing (there isn't a lot of evidence that dreams have meanings at all) or it could mean you are worried that he doesn't like you. Maybe it means if you get together you worry he will be talking or kissing other girls.

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