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A delinquent debt is a term used to indicate that an agreement for services and/or goods has not been honored. In other words, a person didn't pay their bill(s).

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Delinquent federal debt is debt by the government which has not been paid on time. This is generally a result of a unbalanced budget.

There is no set time for a creditor/lender to cancell a debt. Charge offs are generally done 180 days after the account becomes delinquent. A Charge off does not mean the debt is not still owed and collectible.

A debt will stay on your credit report for seven years after the date that you were originally delinquent on the account. After seven years, this debt is taken off of the account.

If the OC has reported it to your reports as delinquent and the CA adds a negative entry as well, your score will be greatly affected

Send a written request asking that the debt be validated, if you have any doubts it is legitimate. Check to see how the SOL for the type of debt and the laws of your state apply. It could be the debt is no longer collectible...don't count on it though.

Until it's paid off, or you declare bankruptcy and have the debt forgiven.

Delinquent can be a noun or an adjective.As a noun: young delinquent.As an adjective: delinquent taxes.

If your vehicle is already up for repossession, it is already on your credit report as a delinquent or defaulted debt.

The phrase "charge-offs" is the announcement by a creditor that an amount of debt is unlikely to be collected. This process often develops when a consumer becomes severely delinquent on their debt.

Yes, they can. Sometimes, though, a debt won't show up on a co-signer's credit report unless that debt becomes delinquent; but, this is not always the case.

When the lender decides to classify it that way. Some will automatically charge it off when it is 90 days delinquent, others will never. Charging off a debt is just an accounting entry that keeps the bank from overstating their income and assets. It does not mean the debt is no longer owed or that they will stop trying to collect it.

On your credit report, HOLL CRD usually means that you have been delinquent with a bill. In order to solve this problem, simply contact the company that you owe money to and determine how to pay off your debt.

Sure...but getting a mortgage will be tough, if not impossible. And the tax man will be just as happy to seize the house for your debt as they will anything else. Your tax debt can be used as income/debt ratio. Just make sure you are paying off your taxes and not delinquent

In Colorado it is six years form the time the debt becomes delinquent. It doesn't matter if the debt if verbal, written, open, etc.

The boy was a juvenile delinquent. The girl was nothing but a delinquent.

That u payed your debt in full

its when you are in debt and you come out of debt when you get money.

Yes, absolutely. Credit card debt is not different from other debts in general. If there is a mortgage on the property, the lenders lien of course has priority.

its basiclly the same as a trouble maker or a person who gets in a lot of trouble

A creditor is unable to harass for any debt. They can face penalty for doing so. read the FDCPA, it has helped me understand a little better what is and is not permitted to be done by debt collectors. There may be a difference between creditors and debt collectors; check and see. Hope this helps

A consumer's responsibility for a debt is a separate issue than credit reporting. If you owed a debt 5 or 6 years ago, and never paid it, you still owe it. There is a statute of limitations for how long a debt can be collected, another for how long a consumer can be sued over a debt and another for how long a debt can show on your credit report.

I would never want to be a delinquent.

Daria the delinquent frequently got into trouble!

A sentence with the word delinquent might be, "The child is turning out to be a juvenile delinquent." Another example might be, "The courts have deemed this person to be delinquent in paying their fines."

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