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it is in b12 and folic acid deficiency

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Q: What does it mean to have a high MCH a low RDW and low saturation on blood test?
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What does MO in blood test mean?

My blood test was 8.2 (high) under a test named MO%. What does this mean?

What does a high BA on blood test mean?

A high BA on a blood test means that you have high basophils levels. Typically, this is in reference to your white blood cell count.

What does a high HDW mean in blood tests?

hdw in a blood test

What does elevated LD mean in a blood test?

What does high elevated LDL in blood work mean

What does it mean for a dog to have a high PCT test?

High red blood cells

What is iron saturation in your blood test mean?

It's an indicator of how much usable iron you have in your body, of whether your body is able to carry it to where it's needed.

What does it mean when your RP level is high in q quantitative blood test?

There is no blood test for RP, however there is a blood test called CRP (C-reactive protein). A high CRP in quantitative blood levels signifies an immune response.

What does a high baso-absolute blood test mean?

baso absolutet

What diagnostic test measures the oxygen saturation level in blood?

In hospital premises It may be ABG Analysis (arterial blood gas). Blood wil take from the superficial artery and does the test. Another way is by SPo2 sensor machines, that is saturation point of oxygen sensor machines.

What does a high MCH mean in blood test results?

i have a reading of 34.7 result of MCH what does that mean

What does a high baso-auto ABS mean?

A BASO test is a blood test. If the results come back with high BASO levels, it means that the person has an excess amount of sodium in their blood.

What does high CGT blood test mean?

What causes elevated GGT related to liver