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to be on drugs

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What does mangkeyou mean?


Sometimes i see a kaleidoscope effect in my vision what is this?

I thought I was going blind. I went to Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat and the doctor told me it is a migraine. It is called kaleidoscope migraine according to the doctor.

What causes headaches and hearing loss and kaleidoscope vision?

Lyme Disease is something to consider. or migrane with aura.

What are kaleidoscope glasses?

Kaleidoscope glasses use a special pair kaleidoscopic lenses to provide entertainment for the user. When wearing kaleidoscope glasses the user may experience a vision of fractal patterns due to the faceted cuts on the lenses. You can check out companies like GloFX to view the various glasses that will feature these unique lens. They also have a great FAQ page about kaleidoscope glasses, you can read up on it by searching GloFX Glasses What Are Kaleidoscope Glasses.

When was the kaleidoscope made?

The kaleidoscope is made in 1816.

How do you say kaleidoscope in french?

Kaleidoscope, seriuosly

What is a sentence for kaleidoscope?

She looked through the kaleidoscope with awe.

What rhymes with kaleidoscope?

There are no exact rhymes for the word kaleidoscope.

Can you give a sentence with kaleidoscope?

When the entire flower garden is in bloom it becomes a kaleidoscope of color. A kaleidoscope is a fascinating gadget, for children and adults alike. The buffet was a kaleidoscope of wonderful food.

How do you explain kaleidoscope?

kaleidoscope is a thing that we cannot explain but we can enjoy it.

Use kaleidoscope in a sentence?

Kitty's garden was a veritable kaleidoscope of color last spring. Please let me use the kaleidoscope next. The fireworks display temporarily showed a kaleidoscope in use! usually in the science centre you would find a kaleidoscope (clyde-a-scope)

What does mangekyo mean in English?

Mangekyô (万華鏡 in Japanese) means "kaleidoscope".

What is the duration of Kaleidoscope film?

The duration of Kaleidoscope - film - is 1.72 hours.

How many pages does Geographical kaleidoscope have?

Geographical kaleidoscope has 218 pages.

Who invented the kaleidoscope?

The kaleidoscope was invented in Scotland in 1816 by Sir David Brewster.

When was Kaleidoscope - newspaper - created?

Kaleidoscope - newspaper - was created in 1967.

When did Kaleidoscope - newspaper - end?

Kaleidoscope - newspaper - ended in 1971.

When was Kaleidoscope - film - created?

Kaleidoscope - film - was created in 1966.

What do you call a kaleidoscope that uses real images?

It is still called a Kaleidoscope. Possibly a name for it could be a photographical kaleidoscope but really its called the same thing.

What does kaleidoscope of professionals mean?

This metaphorical phrase suggests a confusing mixture of people of various professions.

When was the first kaleidoscope made?

it was made in 1870 The kaleidoscope was invented by Sir David Brewster named his after the was the first person to mass manufacturer his "parlor" kaleidoscope in America.

How do you use the word kaleidoscope in a sentence?

Times Square at night is a glittering kaleidoscope of lights and colors. The ice crystals on his window made a kaleidoscope of colors in the sun.

What are the release dates for Kaleidoscope - 2012 I?

Kaleidoscope - 2012 I was released on: USA: 2012

What is the ISBN of Geographical kaleidoscope?

The ISBN of Geographical kaleidoscope is 5-330-00384-9.

How do you build a kaleidoscope?

how do

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