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What does it mean to have an animal put down?

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February 20, 2013 2:35PM

This is a socially acceptable euphemism for euthanizing, or humanely killing, an animal. It is perfomed by a veterinarian for medical reasons - terminally ill, uncontrollable pain, loss of quality of life, etc.

It means to humanely put them to sleep, when they reach the point where their quality of life has declined to "zero" or very near that. It is considered an act of loving mercy in the case of pets.


It's an euphemism for sacrificing an animal (as 'put to sleep' is).


It involves injecting them with a high dose of ketamine.

It means to euthanize the animal. Which is a humane method of ending an animal's life. Euthanasia means good death and a good death would occur with minimal or no pain and distress to the animal. The main and humane reasons why animals are put down are of painful old age; worsening or untreatable sickness; and painful, incurable, or expensive diseases or disorders.

To put the animal into a forever sleep by using an injection of an overdose of sedation. A Veterinarian will "put" a dog down if he or she is sick and there is no chance of it healing. Or a dog may be put down due to bad temperament, etc. In other words, to "Put down" a dog means ending its life.

to kill it. most of the time because its either terminally ill or dangerous