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It means that it won't get better, it will only get worse. You either have to get a lung transplant, or die. NO! Lung transplant is NOT a treatment for lung cancer. "Terminal" means "causing, ending in, or approaching death" according to the American Heritage Dictionary. To have terminal lung cancer means that the cancer will not go into long-term remission - remission is when the cancer "goes to sleep." It will continue to grow and reside within the host's body until it eventually takes their life. It is extremely important, though, to keep hope alive within this person so that they don't succumb to their illness before they are absolutely required to pass. There are things that can be done to extend their life, but very unfortunately, terminal cancer of any kind means that it will end in death. I am so sorry. ...My mother died of this not too long ago, so you can always message me if you're going through it and need someone to talk to.

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Q: What does it mean to have terminal lung cancer?
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Is small cell lung cancer terminal?


Is lung cancer a terminal cancer?

If not treated lung cancer is terminal. If the cancer is diagnosed and treated early enough it need not be fatal for many. The earlier the cancer is found the greater the chances of surviving this type of cancer is. It also depends on what kind of lung cancer you have. Some are more aggressive then others.

How did Lon Chaney die?

He died from having terminal lung cancer.

What is walter's medical condition on Breaking Bad?

He has terminal lung cancer.

What was walter's medical condition on Breaking Bad?

Terminal lung cancer.

What are the patients symptoms of terminal Lung Cancer?

difficulty breathing and cough blood

Is stage 4 lung cancer terminal if it has spread to other areas?


Does parenchymal opacity mean cancer in the lung?

No it does not mean cancer

How old can you get lung cancer at?

The youngest person to be diagnosed with lung cancer so far is 18. This does not mean someone can not get lung cancer at a younger age.

What does pneumtramonoulicroscopicsilicovolcano mean?

a lung cancer

Where in the body is gallbladder cancer found?

In your Gall Bladder. Cancers affect certain parts of your body, hence their name. If someone has 'Lung Cancer' it doesn't mean they have brain cancer. Lung Cancer=Lung Cancer

what does Lung Cancer mean?

Secondary lung cancer is cancer that starts somewhere else in the body (for example, the breast or colon) and spreads to the lungs.

Is lung disease the same as lung cancer?

Lung Disease doesn't necessarily have to be Lung Cancer. Lung Cancer is a Lung Disease.

Is lung cancer hereditary?

No, lung cancer is not hereditary. You get lung cancer from smoking.

What does secondary lung cancer mean?

Secondary lung cancer is cancer that starts somewhere else in the body (for example, the breast or colon) and spreads to the lungs.

What is primary lung cancer?

Primary lung cancer (also called adenocarcinoma) starts in the lung itself. Primary lung cancer is divided into small cell lung cancer and non-small cell lung cancer

What is the name of lung cancer?

Lung cancer.

Can someone have symptoms of lung cancer that turn out to be another disease?

Yes the symptoms for lung cancer such as coughing wheezing and tightness in the chest can also mean asthma. Someone who suffers from cystic fybrosis can appear to have lung cancer, pnumonia can also mimic symptoms that are similar to lung cancer.

What does lung cancer with nodules attached to the rib mean?

The cancer has spread from the lungs. It has metastasized.

How do you treat lung cancer?

How do you treat lung cancer?

Conclusion of lung cancer?

Absrract of lung cancer

What month is lung cancer?

Lung cancer is not a month.

What are other names for lung cancer?

Lung Cancer

How risky is lung cancer?

Not sure what you mean by risky. Lung cancer can be fatal. That's pretty risky. Unless you do not think death is a risk. Many do not

Who is the inventor of lung cancer?

Lung cancer is a disease. It is not an invention.

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