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What does it mean to have too much clearance between the rods and the crankshaft?


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The engine is worn and you will probably need a complete rebuild. In that condition, oil pressure drops and you will hear a low pitched knocking noise. The knocking is evidence that further damage is being done to the engine. It's like constantly hitting the rods with a hammer. Eventually one of the rods will fail and break apart, potentially sending pieces of rod throgh the side of the crankcase.


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Clearance is usually dictated by the voltage and insulation medium, not the power rating.

When rod bearing clearance is too tight the end result is what is called a spun bearing -- definitely a bad thing. Bearing clearance is the difference between the inside diameter of the bearing and the outside diameter of the crankshaft journal to which it is clamped. The bearing is supplied pressurized oil fed by the oil pump, it should never touch the crankshaft journal but should always float on a wedge of oil. If the clearance is too tight the bearing touches or drags on the crankshaft journal and the journal grabs the bearing and spins it inside the housing into which it is clamped -- which in the case of a rod bearing is the big end of the connecting rod. Once this happens it all pretty much self destructs as it chews up the big end of the connecting rod and the crankshaft journal as well.

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If the pistons are hitting the crankshaft, either you have1. the wrong pistons (350 pistons are relatively short butit is possible to purchase pistons with the same bore but a longer skirt... in which case they would hit the crank)or2. the wrong crankshaft with too much "throw"

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Almost always leaking rear crankshaft seals are a result of worn crankshaft main bearings with too much clearance. Make it easy on yourself and pull the engine, turn it upside down, pull the oil pan, loosen the crankshaft, and put in a new set of main bearings, then replace the seal and put it all back together.

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It is the gap between the rocker arm and the push rod or valve in the head of the engine. How much it is varies with each model of engine.

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It depends on the engine, and is always stated in the vehicle manual. ( which is one excellent reason for always using the relevant manual when working on things you don't know about ) . -On most of the cars I have worked on the crankshaft pulley is tightened to between 95 and 110 foot pounds.

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