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Perfecting a security interest means that you have taken all the necessary legal steps and filed all the required papers to establish a lien against someone's property. If you borrow money against your house and sign a promissory note, the lender's security interest is perfected when the mortage or deed of trust is recorded.

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Q: What does it mean to perfect a security interest?
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In CA how do you perfect a security interest in a mobile home to show you've loaned money to the owner and taken a security interest on the home?

By a written and notarized contract. Specifying the loan amount, the payment schedule, the penalty for default (late and/or missed payments) and the property specified to be used as secured collateral.

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The Social Security Administration does not charge interest on a Supplemental Security Income overpayment.

How do you make a security interest perfected?

under ucc u make a security interest perfected by control. under article 9 of ucc.

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The general lien refers to any type of security while a perfect lien refers to a specific type of security.

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Landlord-tenant relations are governed by municipal regulations, hence, they vary by city, but it is normal that a security deposit should collect interest. Of course, we are in a period of history in which interest rates in general are remarkably low, so I would not expect to collect a lot of interest.

Difference between pari passu and hypothecation?

Hypothecation is a kind of non-possessory security interest created normally in favour of a lender for securing the obligation of the person who has availed any financial assistance from the Bank. If the borrower creates security interest on the same set of property in favour of more lenders, the security interest of the lenders shall rank according to the chronological order in which it is created, unless the lenders otherwise agree. If the value of the security is sufficient to cover all obligations of the borrower to many lenders, the lenders may agree inter-se (usually at the request of the Borrower) that the security interest of all the lenders shall have the same ranking or priority. Then such security is called pari passu ranking security interest.

What is endangering security interest?

Endangering security interest is a misdemeanor charge dealing with using property as collateral for loans, except the property has a lien against it. Charges generally stem from people trying to hide $500 or more worth of property damage or those that try hinder, transfer or destroy a property's security interest.

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How do you perfect a security interest in a life insurance policy?

Filing a financing statement on the policy is not required. Revised Article 9 does not apply to security interests in life insurance policies. See Revised Art. 9, Section 9-109(d)(8). The security interest in the policy is perfected by filing the assignment with the insurance company. OCU Law Professor Alvin Harrell, in his book "The Law of Personal Property Secured Transactions," suggests that "it may also be desirable to obtain possession of the policy itself."

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What is a legal mortgage?

A legal mortgage is a security interest granted to the lender by the owner of property as a condition of the loan. A note details the specifics of the money being loaned to the borrower. The mortgage refers to a security interest which the borrower grants the lender. The lender takes the security interest so that if the borrower defaults on the loan, the lender can seize the underlying asset (the real property, or home).