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It in some cases means that a person wishes to fight you.

Or in terms of Basketball it can mean to get into a stance near the key with legs spread, arms out, and calling for the ball.

In some places this means riders mount their horses and go to the starting post to begin a race.

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Q: What does it mean to post up?
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"Do not post/put up those photos"

Where does negative battery cable hook on a cub cadet model 70?

If you mean what battery post the cable hooks up to, it's to the post marked with a negative (-) sign; if you mean where the cable hooks up to from the battery post, it's to the metal frame and usually held in place with a bolt.

What does the heart mean on Tumblr?

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It means "after".

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I expect you mean that 'post' translates as 'behind, after, later, subsequent to'. So as an example, post 2000, would mean after the year 2000.

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It stands for post office box as this person picks up their mail at the post office. It isn't delivered to their home.

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the prefix post means after

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post means after

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post hire only

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I think you mean ex post facto, which is latin for "after the fact" I think you mean ex post facto, which is latin for "after the fact"

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It means you have to either ante up or post a blind, depending on the game you are playing.

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This means place a halter on the calf in tie it to a sturdy post or fence.

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PBUS = Professional Bail Agents of the United States;or "Post Break-Up Syndrome"

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What does "post decree" mean when referring to divorce

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Post post script most common.

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7154.54.2541.00 Post You Can Up To .

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judgment mean some one who have done worg and receives his or her judgement

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"Meridianus" is Latin for "noon"; the phrases mean after noon and before noon.

What does the term unclaimed mail mean?

Mail that no one has picked up, and the post office is unable to find the person it belongs to.

What does emporium mean in rome?

In antiquity an emporion (Greek) or emporium (Latin) was a trading post set up in a foreign territory.

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Post mortem means "after death."

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Your post is making me crazy.