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Rubbing your vagina with another girl

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You let someone drive your car will you be prosecuted?

yes, your lawyer with protect you but the judge will scissor kick you.

What does scissor sister mean?

Scissor Sister means two women kind of humping each other like in a scissor format, here is a link from South Park (the show, they are not naked no worries) for a example:

Uses of mayo scissor?

Mayo scissor - used in O.R.

What is the silent letter in scissor?

The 'c' is silent in the word 'scissor'.

How much does a pair of scissor weigh?

it depends on the size of the scissor !?!?!?!?

Scissor biopsy needs stitches?

scissor biopsy needs stitches?/

Can golbat learn x-scissor?

no golbat cant with out cheats

Can gligar learn x-scissor?

Yes, at level 42

What is A Scissor Used For Inticate Designs?

a scissor used an energy to sewing

Singer from scissor singer gay?

yes a man from scissor sisters are gay

In what circumstance might you use a scissor truss?

Scissor trusses are used for roofs.

Does the Body by Jake ab scissor work?

will the ab scissor flatten your abs

How do you say Scissor lift in spanish?

Elevador de tijera (Elevator of scissor)

Is slab scissor lift a medical procedure?

No a slab scissor lift is not a medical procedure. It is a piece of machinery that has a platform lifted by scissor shaped metal pieces.

What is Japanese for scissor kick?

In Japaneze scissor kick is はさみキック

How do you scissor kick in freestyle swim?

You have to move your legs in a scissor-like motion. / \ \ / Legs \ / /\

Which trimmers would be good for someone very much into shrub pruning?

A trimmer with a composite scissor will be great and won't dull quickly.

How do you design a scissor lift?

The first scissor lift was designed by John W. Parker. A genius.

When was Scissor Sisters - album - created?

Scissor Sisters - album - was created in 2003.

What is Edward Scissor Fingers about?

Its about a Frankenstein like man name Edward Scissor Hands who is adopted by a suburban family and taught to use his scissor like hands as tools for art.

What is scissoring?

Scissoring is a popular abusage of the word scissor. To scissor is to cut with a shearing action (or cut with scissors) Scissor is used to describe a scissor like action, usually performed with the legs, in athletic or gymnastic events as in scissor kick or scissor hold. It is also used to describe sexual congress between lesbians where both partners rub their genitals together. See: D-Yikes! episode 1106 (#159) of South Park

What class lever is a scissor jack considered?

A scissor jack would be a series of 1st class levers.

What are the instruments used in normal spontaneous delivery?

surgical scissor, bandage scissor, kelly curve and straight

Are all the scissor sisters gay?

It is not been confirmed is all the Scissor Sisters are gay, as it is a personal matter.

When does Sceptile learn x-scissor?

I think u need 2 use only TM

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