What does it mean when Christians say Jesus is coming back?

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Jesus said that He would come back to bring His church to be with Him in heaven. Coming back means that He was already here, so . . . He came, He left, and He's coming back again.
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When is Jesus coming back?

First, when Jesus told Caiaphas and the court that condemned him todeath that he was the Son of Man who would come " on the cloudsof heaven " he was not speaking of his second coming but of thejudgment of Jerusalem (Matthew 26:63-64). As Caiaphas and the courtwell knew, clouds were a common Old Test ( Full Answer )

Is Jesus coming back?

Maybe he is, maybe he isn't. It all depends on what you believe. Perhaps he will come back after you are gone, perhaps he will never come back, perhaps he is back already.

Will Jesus come back?

yes. Yes, the scriptures teach of the second coming of Christ. Many believe we are living in the last days, and His return in imminent.

How did Jesus come back to life?

After Jesus' death he went directly to Hades. He preached to all the people in the prisons and dungeons. After he preached for 3 days, God came down to Hell and stole the keys of death from Satan. He gave the keys to Jesus and Jesus got out of Hell and God restored His spirit so that Jesus could com ( Full Answer )

Why do Christians say that Jesus had to die?

Mankind sinned against God by choosing to disobey His commands (which He gave in order to keep us from harming ourselves and others). The Bible declares the the wages (the payment due) for sin is death. Originally God accepted animal sacrifice as the blood payment, but this was just a shadow of the ( Full Answer )

Why does Jesus wait to come back?

Because it is not yet time for His Second Coming. The final prophecies must happen first, and then His Second Coming will happen in the clouds. Jesus will not come back to earth as He did the first time. Everyone on earth will witness His Second Coming in the clouds with great power and glory. (Mark ( Full Answer )

What are the signs of Jesus coming back?

The signs of the second coming, there will be rumors of war , war, famine, sickness, and love for money will increase and children will be disobediant. Answer: Of the "four horsemen" of the Apocalypse, or Revelation [the first four seals of chapter 6] - war, famine, pestilence, disease and earth ( Full Answer )

How is Jesus Christ coming back?

ANSWER: He will return to this planet as King of kings and Lord of lords. He will be the ultimate king and of the increase of his government there will be no end. "For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wond ( Full Answer )

When will Jesus Christ come back?

A: Many Christians believe that Jesus will return before the end of time, and some even say his return is imminent. In fact, hundreds of prophecies have told us when he would return, and each one was wrong. In Mark's Gospel, Jesus assured his listeners that he would return on clouds of glory with ( Full Answer )

Is Jesus really coming back?

A: No. There have been literally hundreds of prophecies of the return of Jesus and none of them ever came true, yet people continue to yearn for his return. Strangely, after some two thousand years, these yearnings and expectations are always that Jesus will return within the present generation. ( Full Answer )

What Signs are there of when jesus will come back?

Jesus said that in the last days, there will be rumours of war and wars, famine, earhquakes, sickness and people would be lovers of money and the children would become disobedient. Not an answer but ^^ already happening .

When did Jesus come back to life?

3 days after he died, Jesus is said to have been resurrected into heaven. Jesus died on good Friday and was resurrected on Easter Sunday. Theologians say Jesus would've been around 31 years old when he was crucified.

Did Jesus come back after the crucifixion?

A: Christians believe that Jesus came back on the third day after his crucifixion; in fact this is considered the most significant event in Christian faith. Others say that there is no evidence for this resurrection and that it did not really happen.

Will Jesus come back in 2012?

No, He will not. Jesus Christ will not return until three and a half years after the mid-point of the 7-year Great Tribulation. This is when the Antichrist breaks a treaty he made with the Jews of Israel permitting them to remain in their own land and with their own Temple, which hasn't even been bu ( Full Answer )

Will Jesus come back to Earth?

Another answer from our community: Yes, Jesus will return to earth, it is called the second coming ofJesus Christ, at the end of this age. Some believe we are nowliving in the last days and this church age is about to end. Theworld will not end, but things as we know them will be changed andwe wil ( Full Answer )

How do Christians come to know Jesus?

A Christian will come or become a Christian by knowing and searching Christ Jesus, simply speaking or crying from their heart, their hurt and their soul asking or praying for the revelation or spirit of Christ to be revealed to themselves after truly repenting of their sinfulness and unholy nature. ( Full Answer )

Where do Jesus say he was coming back to this earth?

Oh Jesus is the soon coming king ...read the bible dawg!!!! Go to this website.... www.gototherock.com www.vayaalaroca.com or. www.gotoourroom.synthasite.com these websites or church the rock will change your life..its not any religion ok???ill keep writing...later

Who will Jesus come back as?

As himself, although he will not return as a humble baby in a manger or a humble carpenter in a backwater of the Roman Empire. We are told in scripture - and by jesus himself - that when he returns everyone will know. There will be no doubt. He will return as himself but glorifed as king and judge a ( Full Answer )

What does Jesus mean in Christianity?

In Christianity, Jesus refers to Jesus of Nazareth, the man who Christians accept to be the Messiah, the son of God, the second person of the Trinity, and the incarnation of God. Jesus is seen as the hope of people who have no hope in life, the role model for all people, and the one who opened up ac ( Full Answer )

What will happen when jesus come back?

As it clearly states in Revelation, He will rise one group of people from their state of non living and abduct them with other group who is alive to live with Him for 1000 years, before judgment day.

Why did Jesus come back from death?

He 'came back' (was resurrected) to fulfill prophecy and continue to do God's will. History: Mankind was created to live forever on earth.(Genesis 2:15-17). Adam lost life for us. God sent a redeemer...a savior...to rescue us from sin and death. (Genesis 3:15), (1 Timothy 2:5&6) *Adam ( Full Answer )

How did jesus come back alive?

God the Father resurrected him as promised from before the beginning of time. How he was resurrected cannot be known, it was a miracle .

What shows that Jesus is coming back?

In fact the signs are all around us. Jesus said to be alert, heedthe signs because He would return as a thief in the night. WhatJesus said was this generation of man. Not 1 man's lifetime, thepeople that now walk the earth. Jesus says there will be wars and rumors of wars. There will bemany that sa ( Full Answer )

When is Jesus coming back to us?

You should read Matthew 24:36, "But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven but my father only" This passage informs us that Jesus doesn't know, the Angels in heaven surely don't know, only God knows. Jesus doesn't give us a date. Instead, he gives us signs to look for, man ( Full Answer )

Did Jesus say 'you are a Christian'?

No. The term "Christian" wasn't coined until after Jesus' ascension and the establishment of the church ( Acts 11:26 ). Jesus called those who believed in Him " My disciples " ( John 8:31 and others).

Is Jesus coming back to get all the Christians?

Yes, it is a promise. Soon, Jesus will return to Rapture (take to heaven) his church. Be ready. The Bible says Jesus' return will surprise eveyone. It will be like a thief in the night.

Did Jesus come back from Easter?

No. Easter was when he came back from Good Friday - the day he was crucified, died and was buried.

When jesus will come back to the earth?

Jesus himself made it quite clear that NO ONE can know when he will return to Earth. see Matthew 24:36. NOBODY can or knows when Jesus will return. Even Jesus himself doesn't know. ONLY God Himself knows when. See Matthew 24:36

Is Jesus coming back a Christian?

Here is a definition of Christian: IN BRIEF: One who believes, professes to believe, or who is assumed to believe, in the religion of Christ and whose behavior exemplifies Christ's teachings. Jesus is coming back again as King of kings and Lord of lords. He is the Almighty Son of God, the Ann ( Full Answer )

What religion believes Jesus Christ is coming back Islam Christianity or both?

Islam believes Jesus Christ was only a prophet, not the Messiah. So the answer is: Christianity, which teaches that Jesus Christ is the Messiah, and is coming back, the hope of all Christians. Another Answer : Both do but only Christianity believes Jesus will return as the King of kings. Som ( Full Answer )

Did Jesus have the second coming in mind when He predicted His coming on clouds or did this saying have a different meaning?

Jesus knew that His seven-year "earthly ministry" would be a "two-parter." He knew that the first part would be cut off in the midst of it after 3 1/2 years by His "sacrifice." That was the reason He came the "first time." And He knew that He would be returning the second time... not as a "sac ( Full Answer )

Does it say in the bible that Jesus will turn His back on even Christians?

Not specifically, but are you referring to the part in Revelation where He says to the church at Laodicea that because they are lukewarm about their faith, he will reject them? Answer: The word "Christian" is used a total of three times in the KJV... twice in the singular; once in the plural: [A ( Full Answer )

Did Jesus come back in 1914?

A: In 1872, Charles Taze Russell founded what was later to become known as the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society, the official name for the organisation of Jehovah's Witnesses. Russell related social, political and economic issues to biblical prophecies and created an elaborate biblical chronolog ( Full Answer )

Will Jesus come back soon?

No man knows the day or the hour Jesus will return. We also know it will be a time we son't expect.

What does Jesus mean to Christians?

Jesus means many things to Christians: He is the beginning and the end (alpha and omega) - Revelation 22:13 I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last." He is God - Isaiah 9:6 For unto us a Child is born, Unto us a Son is given; And the government will be ( Full Answer )

Is it true that the shroud was folded to say that Jesus was coming back?

Not quite. From the Gospel of John 20:7 read--And the napkin, that was about his head, not lying with the linen clothes, but wrapped together in a place by itself.. This facial cloth was common enough for Jewish crucifixions. It was placed over the face of the executed person while still on the c ( Full Answer )

What year will Jesus come back?

The Bible is silent on this date yet to come but Jesus gave us signs to watch for in Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21.

When might Jesus come back?

He pretty much outright said that not even he knew when, but thatit would be sudden and unexpected, "as a thief in the night". Sopretty much any time.

When Jesus died how did he come back?

If you want to know because you think it would be a pretty neattrick to do yourself, Step One is "Be God." After that it shouldn'tbe a problem to figure out the rest. The Bible doesn't actually say much more about "how" than that.