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What does it mean when a 1986 Chevy caprice leaks oil through the carburetor?

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What causes Fuel leaks from carburetor bottom when not running engine?

bad seal in between your intke manifold and carburetor

1992 Chevy Caprice 5.0 has a long crank and has injector pulse at throttle body?

Check for FP leaks at the FP regulator and gasket (at TB unit) and possibly leaky pump.

1996 Chevy beretta leaks at the bottom is it the slave cylinder?

oil leaks

Chevy 350 stalls?

check for vacuum leaks

Your 1983 S-10 28 wont idle?

vacuum hose leaks off the carburetor.

Gas leaks out of hose under carburetor on ATV 2006 suzuki?

float valve or float are bad

Why is my 88 Chevy Caprice shaking really bad?

Hard to answer this question without more info, but check to be sure all cylinders are firing and there are no vacuum leaks. Verify the flywheel or ring gear is properly attached, and the harmonic balancer is ok.

Why does my 83 Chevy Caprice 305 engine dosen't get over 15 mph and then it act like it want to shut off.?

Sounds like it's running out of fuel. Check fuel filter, vacuum leaks, fuel pump, etc.

What to do if my freeze plug on my Chevy 305 motor leaks that's in my 79 Chevy El Camino?

Replace the freeze plugs.... All of them. Chances are if one has rotted through, the others aren't far behind.

How do you repair rough idle?

Does this vehicle have a carburetor or is it fuel injected? In any case start with looking for vacuum leaks.

Your 1997 Chevy cavalier runs hot bubbles up through the reservoir then after cooling a bit leaks out no hole in hoses no visible leaks radiator coolant level light comes on even if water is full help?

check your coolent fill cap

Engine running lean 95 Chevy blazer?

Check for vacuum leaks.

Why is all your gas getting into the oil on your bolens riding lawn tractor?

The float in the carburetor is stuck open. It is letting fuel flow through the carburetor into the intake and into the cylinder, filling up the cylinders with fuel. once full it leaks into the crankcase past the cylinders and past the valves into the head under the valve covers which , in turn drains into the crankcase.

Your 2004 H2500 Chevy smells like antifreeze but their is no leaks?

smell of antifreeze and no visable leaks usually indicates that the heater core needs replacing

I have a 93 Chevy cavalier and the rubber elbow connected through firewall is leaking antifreeze Should it be capped off or is this a leaking damaged or clogged heater core?

heater core leaks

How do you check if fuel is getting carburetor?

Turn the fuel on and then take the gas hose that connects to the carberator off and if it leaks gas then the caberator should be receiving it

How do you fix an exhaust leak on a 1994 caprice?

The best way to fix an exhaust leak on a 1994 Caprice is to install new exhaust pipes where the leak is located. Exhaust leaks are dangerous and can cause carbon monoxide to build up in the passenger area of the vehicle.

My 1997 Chevy truck leaks on the passenger side when it rains What could be the cause?

it could be the window

What are the possible causes 63 Chevy pickup 283 motor backfiring?

Spark plug wires crossed, Bad distributor cap and /or rotor, Exhaust leaks close to engine, Worn camshaft/lifters, Burned valve, Also need to know if it is backfiring out the tail pipe or out the carburetor, it makes a difference.

Spirit snowblower model C2030030 won't start and leaks gas form carburetor?

the carb needs to be rebuilt or cleaned. old gas clogged the jets

Can loose rocker arms cause a carburetor to backfire?

Probably not. The backfiring is usually caused by a lean condition. Check all your vacuum lines and gaskets for leaks.

2006 Chevy Trailblazer leaks water?

OHhhhhhh my. Where the are the good wrenches now? Have been driving a toyaota for the last 15 years, no water leaks here. Hope this helps.

There is a leak on the passenger side of a 2005 Chevy impala but only when it is washed or it rains extremely heavy?

Maybe the door protector is torn and water leaks through there. if that's not the case then is could be your door has an un even opening. and that is where the water goes through

Troubleshooting Chevy S-10 brakes?

In troubleshooting a Chevy S-10 brakes, first check any leaks by the wheel. It may come from the wheel cylinder or from the caliper. Also check the brake fluid pipes for possible leaks that affect the brakes.

What is the most likely cause of an oil light to be on on a 1988 caprice 305v8 with full clean oil and filter and no leaks or noises?

The oil pressure sending unit is defective.