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If it is male it more than likely means it is getting ready to mate. If the bubbles are staying on the top the fish is just building a nest for the female to lay the eggs in.

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Q: What does it mean when a Betta fish has bubbles coming out of its gill after a water change?
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How do you know if your betta is starting a bubblenest?

Simple observation will indicate if the Betta is making bubbles. You will see them at the surface of the water.

How do you change Betta fish water?

A 20 - 25 percent water change every week is recommended for a betta. I use a product called "Betta Plus Conditioner" as an additive to provide great water for the fish to swim in.

What do betta nest look like?

Male bettas blow a cluster of bubbles that float on the surface of the water.

Are water bubbles chemical or physical change?

Water bubble is a substance not a change.

What does it mean when a betta makes bubbles on top of its tank?

Male Betta splendens make bubbles when they are in breeding condition and ready to breed. Now, (provided your tank holds at least 10 gallons of water) is the time to add a female if you wish to breed them.

What if your betta fish tank water gets bubbly and thick?

Male Bettas make bubbles on the surface of their tank when they are wanting to breed. The water should not be thick though. Maybe you need to change some water and also clean the tank out.

Why does Betta made bubbles pop?

Anabantid bubbles pop naturally. If the temperature of the water is over 80F the bubbles may pop quicker than the fish can repair its nest. That is why the recommended temperature for Bettas is 78F.

When you touch a betta fish do you have to change the water?

no as long as there is water conditioner/ purifier in it

When water boils bubbles forms this a chemical change or a physical change?

This is a physical change. The bubbles are pockets of steam which is the same chemical as water, just in a different state.

Why is your betta fish not eating?

skip its health and change the water now

What is the meaning of rolling boiling in cooking?

A "rolling boil" is when the bubbles of water vapor keep the surface of the water in constant turmoil. Stirring the pot does not stop the bubbles from coming.

What do betta bubble nests look like?

Bubble nests are just a network of bubbles. Many bubbles will be grouped together along the side of the glass at the top of the water. This means your fish is healthy and happy.

What is the bubble pouch on a male betta fish?

It's not something on the fish. He will blow a nest of bubbles on the surface of the water that hold up the eggs.

Why is your male betta fish blowing bubbles?

The bubbles are a bubble nest. Male bettas are the ones that take care of the kids in betta society. They blow the nest and that usually means he's happy or ready to reproduce. They also sometimes blow them when the composition of their water changes or their is a barometric change in air pressure. It doesn't always mean they are ready to be parents, though and sometimes perfectly healthy males won't blow them.

Why large bubbles form when water boils what are the bubbles made of?

When water boils, the bubbles are made of water vapor. Water is changing from the liquid phase to the gas phase, but it doesn't change all at once, so you get bubbles of gas inside the liquid. The phase change will happen first at the location where heating is taking place, so if you have a pot on a stove, the bubbles will form at the bottom of the pot, and then rise to the top.

How do scientist tell if a tsunami is coming?

i know one sign is there is lots of bubbles in the water

Is soap mixing with water a chemical or physical change?

anything that bubbles is a chemical change

What is causing bubbles on the surface of my aquarium tank water?

Small bubbles on the surface, especially if they adhere to the sides, are a sign of low oxygen in the water. Change the water immediately, improve filtration and aerate the water more, and change it more frequently.

How often do you change a betta fish aquarium?

If the Betta aquarium is properly set up with a filter, heater, substrate, plants and light then 10% water change weekly should be enough. If a Betta is in a tiny bowl/container with none of the above mentioned neccessities then the water should be changed daily.

How often should water be changed for fish?

It depands what type of fish but i know that if you have a betta fish you should change it's water every 2 weeks cause if you change it every week then the betta fish will get stressed and when betta fish get stressed they die. Well i hope this anwers your question.

How do you know when its time to mate your betta fish?

Males build a nest of bubbles at the surface of the water and females display horizontal lines the length of their bodies.

How do the betta fish make bubbles in their bowl?

Bettas are labyrinth fish, which means they gulp air from the surface to breathe. When a betta wants to build a nest, they start gulping air and then spitting it back out coated in saliva from a gland in their mouths to make it stronger and stick to other bubbles. They often attach the first few bubbles to the edge of the tank or two a floating object that stabilizes the water surface for them.

How do we take care of our Betta Fish?

If your betta is in a tank or bowl that is 2.5 gallons or smaller, you should change 100% of the water once a week. If it's a 5 to 10 gallon, then change 50% to 75% of the water each week. Make sure that the new water you add back in is the same temperature of the old water, and use a water conditioner.Your betta only needs to be fed 2 to 3 betta pellets at a time two times per day.

Does shampoo and bath creme change the colour of the bath water?

No but if you buy colorful bath bubbles it may change the water.

Can ultrasound be generated by the collisions of thousands of air bubbles coming from a perforated mat in a tub of water?

no it can not