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Q: What does it mean when a Camaro has SPLR?
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What does camaro mean in spanish?

In Spanish, Camaro mean little friend. Camaro is French in origin, meaning companion. The Chevrolet Camaro was designed to compete with the Ford Mustang.

Who made the cherverlet Camaro?

Assuming you mean a CHEVROLET Camaro, the answer is General Motors.

How much is the 2008 Camaro?

There is no 2008 Camaro. If you mean the 2010 Camaro's the SS model is running $38-43K

What does rs on camaro mean?

Rally Sport.

What does the ss on a Camaro mean?

Super Sport

Is harness different on a 94 Camaro then a 95 Camaro?

I don't know which harness you mean but I believe they are the same but not 100% on it.

What does Camaro mean in English?

Camaro is word that was invented by the Chevrolet corporation around 1966. In their announcement of the new car, they said "a camaro is a small, vicious animal that eats Mustangs."

Can a Camaro with t tops be a 3.4?

Do you mean did the 3.4L Camaro from years 1993-95 come with T-tops? yes. They did.

How do you spell Camaro?

**Actually shrimp in Spanish is camaron -must add the "n" at the end of the word! **Also, tip in Spanish is propina! In addition, camarero in Spanish is waitor! That is the correct spelling of Camaro, an automobile model by Chevrolet. (In Spanish, camaro can mean shrimp, or tip.) That is the correct spelling of Camaro, an automobile model by Chevrolet. (In Spanish, camaro can mean shrimp, or tip.)

What is the difference from a 2009 camaro then a 2010 camaro?

There is not a 2009 camaro.

What was the name and year of the oldest Camaro?

The Chevrolet Camaro first appeared in Sept. of 1966 for the 1967 model year. I am unsure of what you mean by the name of it.

Can you put steel bumpers from 1977 Camaro on a 1978 Camaro?

No, the steel bumpers from a 1977 Camaro will not fit in a 1978 Camaro, As the 1978 "Bumper" is part of the front end. Taking off the 1978 "Bumper" would mean cutting it off, which would make the car look like something else.

Will a hood from a 1995 Camaro fit a 2001 Camaro?

No, only a 98-02 Camaro hood would fit an 01 Camaro

Does a 99 Camaro fornt end fit a 95 Camaro?

does a 99 camaro fornt end fit a 95 camaro

What is the difference between Chevy Camaro and dodge Camaro?

None, since there is no such thing as a Dodge Camaro

What does the 12V on your Chevy Camaro engine mean?

12 volt electical system

What does f41 mean on the Chevrolet Camaro?

It was an RPO code for a sport suspension package.

Can you replace a 2001 Camaro windshield with one from a 1995 Camaro?

Yes, you can use a windshield from a 1993 and up Camaro for your 2001 Camaro.

Can a 2002 Camaro be change to look like a 2010 Camaro?

Im guessing no cuz a 02 camaro is smaller a 2010 camaro

What does engine light po302code mean in a camoro 1999 3.8 v6?

what does this code mean po302 1999 camaro

When was the 1964 Camaro sold?

Never, as there was no Camaro in 1964

Mustang vs camaro?


How do you spell Camaro in french?


Which is faster between a 2009 Chevy Camaro and a 1962 Camaro?

There was no 1962 Camaro (and no 2009 Camaro for that matter either, the current one is a 2010)

Your speedometer does not work on your 1992 Camaro?

will a 3.8 engine from a2002 Camaro interchange with a1999 camaro

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