What does it mean when a boy calls you names and smile?


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it means he likes you


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When a boy calls you names, there is more than one possibility of what it could mean: 1. The boy who calls you names might like you. When a boy likes you, they might tease you in a joking way. 2. The boy who calls you names might think you're annoying, so he calls you names. 3. The boy might be mean, and call everyone names.

If a boy teases you, not like bullying, it means that he wants to hear you voice/wants to talk to you.

Yes, there is a chance that this boy likes you . . . but don't jump to conclusions too quickly

If a boy pokes you, it usually means that he likes you. When a boy pokes me, he usually asks me out pretty shortly after that, especially if he calls you names and chases you too. Plz let me know if he does! :)

It may mean he likes you aswell, just stare at him back, and if he smiles, smile back :) x

It probably means he likes you just probably a way to make you laugh or its maybe i joke. Its not that complicated maybe he might be bulling you.

It means he's in love with you whever a boy is mean to you either he likes you or just being mean.

He means that he thinks your pretty. Idiot.

It means he thinks you look beautiful.

usually when she is tired or worn out.

if it is a boy then they are flirting. if it is a friend then it is a nickname

he is being nice Well, my best friend calls me sweetheart and he is gay.

A boy can look back and smile even when he considers you as a good friend. It doesn't always mean that he likes you. There maybe some feelings but you can't be sure.

You can tell if a boy likes you if he picks on you and calls you names. Guys tend to hide their feelings and emotions out of fear of rejection.

your boy is just trying to act cool and be gangster it dusnt mean anything

if a boy calls you on the phone then he likes you or loves you

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