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It probably means he likes you.

But if he likes you he'll be looking at you all the time and not just once.

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Related Questions depends if you are trying to say this or that..... "What does it mean if after a boy looks at you all the time and then looks at his friends and starts laughing" =.....He is having a "go" at you....taking a micy out of you....but if you mean he always looks at you well then hun he is crushing on you :D make your move~

That means they look at you. This doesn't have to mean anything important , unless they are checking you out then they probably think your cute.

It depends if they look at you and smile it might mean he likes you. If he looks and then sees you look then looks away might mean he might have a crush on you. REMEMBER! If a boy is mean to you it means he fancies you!

yes because if he diddent like you he would be giveing you dirty looks and he would be calling you :-)

it could mean that he likes u but also it could mean he dosent:)

he Gives you looks and smiles at you . Talks about you to other friends. he Gives you looks and smiles at you . Talks about you to other friends.

It means he's a mean boy. Make friends with a nice boy instead; he'll be nice to you.

It means your friends nothing but friends

Well, If he is ur boy friend and his friends r mean tell him.

If a boy looks at you it usally means he thinks you are cute, and if he thinks you are cute most likely he likes you.

This usually means he wants to kiss you, but it could also mean that you had something on your lips or something. But generally, when a boy looks at your lips, he really wants to kiss you.

If you mad at a boy/girl or friends.

If you mean as friends....yes...if you mean as Boy is not homosexual/gay

I doubt it...but if he looks at you and kinda checks you out THEN he probably likes you

he is either embarrassed or not telling the truth... depending upon the question

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