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He really likes you talk to him

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I think when a guy stares at you and you dont know him that well it's because he might Like you because right now the same thing is happening to me.

to tell you that i really dont know hurts me cuz i really dont know

i really dont know what you mean

It mean to well, i dont really knowmac is an order from mc donalds

i dont really know..sorry x

To be honest i really dont know!!

sorry i really dont know

It really depends, probably at the moment he is thinking about her. It really depends on the boy, only he will know.

it means i dont really know and if you wanna know your a freak!?!

i dont know? but purple rocks the world!

i dont really know what you mean by hi5.

i really dont know im trying to figure it out to so dont worry!

Identity in my opinion is who you are. well i dont know if it is real.. it dont really make sences

i really dont know i would go to

I dont really know, but you could call the dictionary for help! =)

someone who thinks they know everything when they really dont

i really dont know i mean do you have a dog or a baby

he likes u He likes you or is thinking really hard

He is really into you, and not your body so much.

when a girl says she really dont know what she wants in a relationship i think it means that she really dont want to have a relationship with anyone right now but on the other hand i dont know.

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