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It may mean that he knows you like him and he likes you back or maybe he doesnt no you like him, but he likes you anyway.

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He probably fancies you.girls have good enstincts about these things Trust them

depends on his facial expression...

it either means she is ignoring you or she is embarres to look at you.

he might like you or hes talking about you

yes if a girl stares at u all the time that shows that, possibly she like u yes if a girl stares at u all the time that shows that, possibly she like u

Well if he stares at alot of other girls than he doesent like anyone particular but if he just stares at a couple gies like 3at the most than he only likes those girls

He probably likes you too or knows that you like him and is trying to get a reaction out of you.

that they like u or u just look funny

If a girl stares at you and looks down and keeps smiling she may be attracted to you, or may think you look funny. It is hard to say for sure without hearing her side of it.

If a girl stares at you with a dreamy look on her face, she's probably crushing on you. If you like her, try starting a conversation with her.

Yes, but you ask him what was that stare you gave me or something like that.

Girls butt right? It means they like what they see! :)

Well that depends on if its creepy. If it's not, he might like you.

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