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Nolo contendre

You are not admitting you did anything but are choosing not to defend the charges. It means you are declaring innocence but do not want to exhaust the resources necessary to go to trial (time to gather evidence, missing tons of work to have a trial, money spent on fighting the case, etc). Usually a no contest plea occurs when state prosecutors plea bargain to drop the crime to a lesser offense.

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Q: What does it mean when a defendant pleads 'no contest'?
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What could be a sentence with the word defendant?

the defendant pleads guilty

What is it called when a defendant pleads not guilty?


What do you call it when the defendant ''says not gulty'' in coart?

a plea The defendant PLEADS 'not guilty'

What does open plea mean?

An open plea is when a defendant pleads guilty without an agreement regarding punishment.

Is deferred adjudication a conviction?

Deferred adjudication is a plea deal wherein a defendant pleads guilty or no contest to criminal charges as long as he meets certain requirements laid out by court. There is no formal conviction entered in the defendant's records.

What does plea of no cnt 1 MEAN?

It sounds like it may POSSIBLY mean: No Contest, Count 1. Which would mean that the defendant pleaded "no contest" to the charge against them.A no contest plea is, in effect, a plea of guilty and signifies that the defendant acknowledges that the prosecution has enough evidence against them in order to convict, therefore the defendant will not 'contest' the charge.

This is an agreement between all parties that the defendant pleads guilty to a lesser crime?

plea bargaining

What does a defendant's attorney do?

A defendant's attorney tries to prove that his client is innocent, if the client pleads 'not guilty.' If the client admits guilt the attorney tries to persuade the court to impose the lowest sentence that is possible.

What advantages does the prosecutor of a case gain if the accused agrees to plead guilty?

The advantage is that there is no risk that a jury would find the defendant not guilty. Even if the defendant makes a plea bargain and pleads guilty to a lesser offense, at least the defendant will not get avoid any punishment.

When a defendant stands mute at her arraignment she is considered to have entered an?

She has entered a no contest plea.

What may a defendant plead if he or she does not admit guilt but will not fight the prosecution's case?

No Contest

Means that the defendant does not admit guilt but will not fight the prosecutions case?

This is called the plea of no contest, or legally known as nolo contendere. However, some states do not allow no contest pleas for more serious crimes. In this case the defendant makes what is called an Alford plea, which is a plea of guilty but in the best interest of the defendant, not because the defendant is guilty.

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