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What does it mean when a female dog bleeds?


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Most likely, the dog is coming into season - meaning ready to be bred. Female dogs will display a swollen vulva and vaginal discharge starting approximately 12 days prior to being ready to be bred. When they are ready, the discharge will change to a 'wheat' color. DANGER! If you don't want puppies, keep your girl inside and/or under constant supervision. Intact male dogs can and will find a way. Female dogs usually come into season 2x a year, approximately every 6 months. That's an average though - the cycle can be longer or shorter. The heat usually lasts about 3 weeks. The best way to avoid this is to spay her.


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she bleeds, and a male dog will want to hump her >:)

Well... My dog bleeds. and yes. She breeds and stops bleeding.

No, they get pregnant about 3or4 days into the bleed

That she is in heat. Being in heat means that she is ready to mate and reproduce. Male dogs can smell a female that is in heat and are attracted to her.

Being female has nothing to do with it. Your dog belongs to you and is showing it.

its actually 10-14 days after the female starts spotting,very different to humans

It could be a number of things. If this happens, take the dog to the vet!

You need to take the dog to the vet ASAP.

Menstruating is the time when a female bleeds during her monthly period, called her "menstrual cycle.

This could be related to several different infections. I would take your dog to see a vet. The sooner the easier to treat.

If you mean, Can dogs be male or female? Then the answer is yes. They can be both.

Female dogs bleed a bit when they are in heat. If the dog is whining or acting like the area is painful, or if the dog has already been spayed, perhaps it is injured instead of in heat. If so, it needs to be taken to a veterinarian.

A female dog is usually ready to breed at 4-8 months, she starts to have periods and bleeds allot. Males will start to want to breed with her and also will come close to your house.

Female dog, or in spanish it would mean b***h

a female dog - a bitch [Una] Perra" is Spanish for the word dog; technically, due to the lack of the gender of nouns, this would be a female dog.

Usually a female bleeds after initial sexual intercourse because the hymen has been damaged or broken.

The correct term for a female dog is a "bitch." If you go to dog shows or talk to dog breeders you will find this name is used all the time and does not mean anything bad.

their nose bleeds are just like humans. If their nose bleeds happen to much go to the vet they might need to be put down meaning die or eles they will suffer in pain and die. Take your dog to the vet about 2-4 times a year written by: Anna

This sometimes happens after a female dog goes through a heat cycle. It could also mean that the dog is pregnant.

Сука (suka - pronounced "sooka") is "female dog" or "bitch". In Russian it is used in both senses, as a female dog, and as an insult to a woman.

Yes, it is just a term for a female dog. The female of the species Canis Familiaris (domesticated dog) is indeed called a bitch. A male Canis Familiaris is known as a dog. When used against or about a human female it is a very offensive term and should not be used.

If she bleeds there after giving birth it is normal.

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