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It is difficult to break up and tell the other person exactly why. It isn't usually cowardice, it is that you know the person well and they won't understand. Trying to change yourself to fit someone else's image is not a good lifeplan either. Be glad that she did break up with you, take some time and move on.

2007-06-18 02:40:25
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When you ask a girl out and says umm what does it mean?

it means that like she doesnt no or wat her friends will think it doesnt really mean like i am not going to get together and i know this because i am a girl and alot of my friends do that.

What does it mean if a girl breaks up with you because of something her old boyfriend did?

a girl would break up with you because she does not want to deal with the same problem.

What does it mean when you email a girl that you intersted in her and she doesnt reply?

if she hasn't replied its because she doesnt know wot 2 say or she is 2 shy

Did zak bagans ever get a girl pregnant?

NEVER had a girl pregnant because he is not ready for kids and doesnt want kids cause he still wants to continue ghost adventures then taking lots of breaks and he just wants to be with his future girlfriend and him thats it try not to be mean but he nevered got a girl pregnant

Has Vanessa Hudgens had a baby girl or boy?

Just because they were remodeling doesnt mean they are having a baby NO they arent

How do you say sorry to a 20 year old girl?

say the words... "im sorry" just because shes twenty doesnt mean she doesnt understand english.

What does it mean when a girl won't talk to you?

She doesnt like you.

What does it mean when your boyfirend does not look at you?

when a girl kisses their boyfriend and he doesnt look at her it means that the guy doesnt like the girl that hes just using her to get to a girl that she knows

When a girl doesnt let you down her pants does it mean shes on her period?

Possibly, but most likely because she doesn't want you to.

A guy breaks up with a girl and tells her its because he's overwhelmed with school and football is that just an excuse to break up with her or does he mean it what does this mean to majority of guys?

That for whatever reason, he doesn't want to be with that girl.

If you dream about your girl friend cheating on you does it mean she really is?

No it doesnt.

I asked this girl to be my girlfriend and she said yes but i haven't kissed her yet so does this mean we are in a relationship?

Just because you didnt kiss her doesnt mean your not in a realationship.

What does it mean if you give a girl a call me note and she doesnt call?

She probably doesnt like you or understand what you want

Should you like a girl who like someone else?

you can like her but that doesnt mean that she doesnt like you too

What does it mean when a girl says heyy?

It means that they want to talk to you. no it doesnt, it mean she likes you

If a guy who doesnt usually flirt with a girl flirts with someone does that mean he likes the girl?


What does the name Destiana mean?

An Ugly girl that doesnt care for anyone and is a fat nasty girl

What does it mean when you ask a girl out an she says se doesnt know?

That means no!!

What does it mean if the girl you love doesnt acknowledge your existence?

That she doesn't love you.

What does it mean when a girl does not admit that she loves you?

that shes doesnt love you.bitch.

If you are a girl and you take a shower with another girl together and you kind of liked it does that mean then?

it doesnt mean anything your just having fun

Will Justin Bieber date a normal girl?

yes! of course everybody is normal just because he is famous doesnt mean hes not normal

Can a gay pregnant a girls?

Just because a man likes another dude doesnt mean his sperm couldn't get a girl pregnant. yes

What does it mean for a girl to pop her cherry?

Popping your cherry means that the hymen breaks

If a condom breaks but no semen is present in it can you still get pregnant?

yup you can still get pregnant because the conmdom could have been broken before used and plus just because it isn't present doesnt mean it didnt go in