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stress, lack of iron in your diet, dieting, and if taking an oral controseptive if missed being taken.

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Doesn't mean anything, if it means shes not pregnant and not trying to get pregnant its all cool.

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Q: What does it mean when a girl has her period early after sex?
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Can you do a girl on her period?

By "do" I assume you mean a very disrespectful scumbag way of sexying 'have sex with' - yes, you can have sex with a women during menstruation.

Can sex make your period come early?

Well in some occasions its not the period but the tearing that is causing the bleeding... And its normal to start you're period early, some girls get it when they are 7-8 years old and the latest would be when a girl is 14-16... So if you dont get it after 16, that means you are preagnant or you have a problem. And no sex doesn't cause early periods!!! :)

What does it mean if i get my period early and im on the IUD?

There is no special significance to getting your period early on the IUD, any more than if you got your period early without the IUD. If bleeding continues, or occurs only after sex, contact your health care provider.

What does it mean if a girl is late?

If someone says that a girl is late they can mean that the girl is pregnant from having to much hard core sex during or not during a period and is over due for having her baby

If a girl had a sex at a early age and never had her period can she get pregnant when she begins her first period?

No, And here is why. When you have your period it means you finally are old enough to use the eggs in you're body. But before you have your period, You can't use your eggs.

If a girl bleed after sex is she virgin or not?

When a girl bleeds after sex it can mean she's not a virgin after that, on her period, or not lubricated enough or something wrong within the girls body. There are many reasons unrelated to virginity.

What does it mean when you bleed a few days before your suppose to have your period but then you have your period on the right time too?

it could mean early miscarriage if you were trying to get pregnant, but it also can me your period was coming on early. I spotted for 3 days a week before my period so it came on, on time.. but some who have sex alot have vaginal bleeding from the penis rubing on the walls to hard..Rough sex can cause that or position of the body or a slight infection has occur

Dick itch after sex with girl on her period?

Same as when you put it in.

What does a 14 year old girl do when sex hurts?

At that age, a girl shouldn't be having sex at all - it is way too early.

What does bedrocking a girl mean?


Can sex still be enjoyed if the girl has not had her period yet?

Sex can always be enjoyed. But if the female has not had her period yet then it usually means that she is very young and shouldn't even be having sex!

How early can a guy get a girl pregnant?

The first & any time they have sex.