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it means that she does not love you anymore

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What does it mean if a girl ignores you?

You should move on and find one who doesn't.

If a girl ignores a guys offer to a high 5 and often ignores him what does it mean?

It means she does not consider them close friends, and possibly that he is annoying her.

Girl ignores you?

You move on

What does it mean if the girl you like suddenly ignores you?

Maybe she is playing hard to get. Make her laugh, it worked for me.

How can you know that a guy compelitly does not want a girl?

he completeley ignores her, and insults her in every way, and basically is mean.

Can a girl who ignores you like you?


If a girl be's mean to you or just ignores you does that mean she probably likes you?

No only some boys do that but if she jokes with you and is mean and funny at the same time then yeah

What does it mean when your guy friend ignores you?

The same thing when your female friend ignores you.

What does it mean when a guy kisses you then when another girl is around he ignores you?

That means that the guy apparently likes both of you and trying not to show it.

How do you tell if your girl friend is over you?

When you talk to her and she ignores you.

What does it mean when a person ignores but stares at you?

When a perSon ignOres you buT keEpz on staring at you, i think he's thinking of soMething about you. Like, this gurl is cute but not the one for me, or maybe he just wantz your atTentioN, some guys are more like that, they may iGnore the girl even if they want that girl. .,jo

What does it mean when a girl that is your friend ignores you and says hi to your friend but not to you?

she's probably either mad at you, or she has a crush on you, or one of her friends has a crush on you.

What does it mean when a guy ignores a girl?

well it can mean two things: 1: he likes you but he does not want you to find out because he is shy to tell you, or he does not know how to say it. 2: he just does not like you.

How do you be friends with a girl that is mean to you and ignores you?

My friend is always mean to me and she ignores me for NO reason at all. I just TRY to deal with it but can't! I try to talk to my other friend who went through the EXACT same thing with the same person! SO just try to deal with it and if you can't talk to someone!

What does it mean when a gir ignores you?

That she's ignoring you.

What does it mean if a girl smiles and waves at me and ignores me half the time when she's around her friends yet speaks to me gracefully when her friends are not present?

She likes you, but her friends do not.

Why is it that someone claims to be your friend but constantly ignores you?

does this involve a guy or girl??

How do you know if a girl deosn't like you?

She ignores you and avoids you but that's just me.

What do you do if you tell a girl you like her then she ignores you?

it means she is not intrested in you, but in another boy

What does it mean if a girl Seemed interested but now appears annoyed or ignores you?

Maybe she found someone else to like. It might mean she's confused on whether or not she wants you around or maybe not.

What does it mean when your ex ignores you?

It means he is definitely not interested in you

What does it mean when your female friend ignores you?

They dont like you.

What does it mean when your boyfriend ignores you for a week?

He's cheating on you

What does it mean when a wild animal ignores you?

It doesn't like you

If a girl that you like ignores you but used to flirt with you does that mean she doesn't like you anymore?

no.she might feel you do not like her or she has some other thing which is a priority,on her mind