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It's called flirting and she's enjoying every bit of it. Some women know the balance of flirting to a point and then stopping, but many young girls go a little too far and it is almost comical to watch. There are some girls that are just plain full of themselves and think every guy within a radius of 50 miles is in love with them. Be the guy that smiles and walks on by, and you'll be the guy she'll come after. You see, when a girl plays hard to get and just smiles at different guys, she's experimenting with her sexuality, but the one guy that doesn't buy into her actions is the guy she really wants to be with. Girls like this can't stand rejection and are on a need to know basis. Play it cool and smart.



It means she is a very flirty person. Or she is just being friendly..


I'm like this too but I didn't really see it so much as flirting and I don't do it to look hot or anything just to be nice. ALSO if there's a girl like me that you're talking about she most likely will want to be adored by the person who's interesting but doesn't seem to care. That actually really bothers me when that happens maybe it's just me. ._.

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Q: What does it mean when a girl looks into a guy's eyes with a smile on her face but it seems like she does it to every guy she talks to?
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How do you truly tell if a guy is interested even though he doesn't come up and start a discussion?

if he looks at you and smile or if he talks about you

What does nat wolff does when he likes a girl?

He talks with a British accent. Just kidding!(: He probably looks at you alot and smiles.But not like a normal smile like a flirty smile. Or/well somthing like that.

There are 2 guysOne looks at me from time to time but rarely talks to meThe other one talks to me sometimes and seems to look at me a lotWhich one likes me?

You really can't determine which guy likes you from who looks at you and who talks to you. Maybe they both like you. If you really want to know, ask them.

How do you tell if your ex still have feelings for you?

Look at his eyes, if they dont keep contact or if he looks away quickly he doesnt have feelings anymore. If he is around you often and talks directly to you. Smile at him and c if he returns the smile.

If i used to have a lot of girlfriend and now im near to a girl how to know that the girl really love me?

She will make you know for sure. Every little thing she does will say that she loves you. The way she looks at you, how she talks to you, even her smile will be different for you. You will be her everything.

What does it mean if a boy turns red when he talks to you and when you look at him he glances or looks away?

It means he is very nervous and shy but it seems he is interested.

How can you tell if a boy in my class likes me?

You can tell if he talks to you and is not afraid to confront you. Also, if he looks at you every once in a while.

If A Guy talks to you about things in common looks at you a lot and always seems to help you first out of everyone does he like you?

Yes, if he talks to you allot about things that means that he trusts you. Also he is being kind. You should ask him if you really want to know!

Can a boy still like you if he says he looks at you if he thinks i am a freak and he never talks to you and if he is shy and he never talks about you but he looks at you a lot?

he could.

What does it mean when a guy stares at you all the time and smiles and every time he says a joke he looks at you but he rarely talks to you?

You need to ask him.

How do you know if you like the person?

if every time you pass by him or her you either smile at the person or blush, when you talk about him all the time , and you become speechless every time he talks to you, or when you are in a conversation and you feel like the only people in the room

How can you tell a boy likes you but he doesn't talk to you?

he Gives you looks and smiles at you . Talks about you to other friends. he Gives you looks and smiles at you . Talks about you to other friends.

How do you know if you have a crush?

- Can't stop thinking sweet thoughts about the other person - You smile when your friend mentions his/her name, - You smile when he / she walks by and or talks to you - You want to talk about your crush all the time - When he/she is around it seems like you are lost for words - You get nervous when they are around you - You dream about them - You mimic them when they are around - if he/she laughs you laugh, if she/he smiles you smile - Everything seems great about him/her, even her/his flaws But wait, is that all of those answers or only some?, if so then how many of those?

If a sophomore in high school looks at you and talks to you every time he's around you and you're a 7th grade girl does it mean he likes you?

it depends on what your talking about

If a boy looks at you every day and talks to you one day then doesn't the next day what does that mean?

He's playing hard to get. Sometimes guys do that when they like you.

Does Emma Roberts do drugs?

She looks like it. I saw her at a bar in Hollywood this weekend. She can't sit still, her eyes were dilated and she talks a mile a minute. She also seems to be a size -000.

What signs does a guy give you if he likes you?

He looks at you and talks to you.

Why does the outgoing guy you like look kinda weird and smile when he talks to you?

he probably likes you!

Does a girl like you if she looks at you a lot but never talks to you and when she does she seems angry with you?

Im a girl and i never talk to the guy i like unless he talks to me, also i look at him constantly when he is not looking at me, and i like him a lottt. And every time we actually talk i always make it seem like im mad or angry cuz i dont want to make it look like i like him, so it be a yes or no, for me a yes

What does timean when a girl your friend talks to you an you like her and some times she looks at you and smile and even laugh alittle bit?

You wanna know what u do.. yes? Well What you do is you see of she feels the same way then ask her out <3 E.M.P.

When a guy talks to a girl will it make her feel better if you make her smile?

Laughter is a great, great great way into a person's heart...make someone smile and you will soon win their heart. that depends on the smile...

What cat breed talks the most?

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How can you tell if your guy crush likes you?

He looks at you, touches you, or talks to you or about you.

What does it tell you when a boy looks at you in the eyes when he talks?

it is obvious he is in love with you

How do you know when a guy is trying to get your attention?

If he teases you, or talks to you, or looks at you.