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She wants to say thank you but shes to embarrest to....

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Where did the tam-tam come from?

Look it up you dumb dumb silly silly boy or girl kidding :-) <3

What does it mean when a girl calls me cutie-?

it means youre cute, silly.

How do you make a fifth grade girl like you?

Depends? If your in fifth grade just be yourself and be silly(not too silly) Try talking to her and find out what she likes. Bring her some cookies at lunch or even compliment her.

How do you say dumb in spanish?

In spanish everything needs a gender. As in boy and girl o means boy and a means girl. ( o and a at the end of the word means if it's a boy or girl) So tonto means dumb in boy form as if your calling a boy dumb because of the o. and tonta means dumb in girl form. So I say El tonto chico means the stupid/silly boy If i say La tonta chica means the stupid/silly girl. La and el means the. the e in the means masculine to and the a in the means feminine so you should look at that to see what gender it is.English: Dumb Spanish: Tonto

Who was jessenia vazquez?

she was a silly girl from fort lupton and she sucks her friends are brenda and johnny rico is so smart and jessenia is so dumb

What is the best compliment to Say to a girl?

Compliment her on anything!! Nothing Sexual!

How do you flirt with a teenage girl on the phone?

Joke around with her, tease her about silly things, and compliment her. Act like she's the only person you want to talk to and that you never want to get off the phone.

Is Brazil the girl dumb?

extremly dumb

How do you make a girl sad?

you compliment her

Is telling the girl i like that i love talking to her a good compliment?

Yes, it is a good compliment.

What if your boy?

youre not girl

What to say to a girl on the first date?

You have to compliment her.

What are the Best ways to Compliment a girl?

Avoid her

What is the fastest mile ever in sixth grade?

In sixth grade i ran a 7:32 ima girl btw but some guys were in the 6's so idk sorry youre dumb

Why do guys completely ignore girls who trip over themselves just to get a glimpse of him?

Hmm i would say not to embarasse you when ever a girl has acted kinda silly or dumb or what ever i have tried not to give her attention just to make it easier for her not to seem as dumb as she is acting...

Why is it that many girls are surprised with you when you compliment them on their kindness if you are a guy?

Thats not the type of compliment a girl would expect from a guy.

What song goes girl you make me dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb?

this song is sang by Sean Kingston

How do ask a girl to make out with you?

compliment her then go in and kiss

What do you do if a girl disagrees with a compliment?

You are too modest, my dear.

Can you compliment a girl too much?

Yes. Then, you will be flirting with her.

Is it childish to write a note to a college girl to compliment her?


What is a monga?

is a dumb girl

Jonas brother like a gir?

Um... whats a gir???? Will need to know before i answer if youre asking if a Jonas brother has a crush or girl freind- could care less- if you mean if theyre like Gir, then no- they arent funny enough (or quite as dumb but the dumb makes him funny)

What you should not say to girl?

if you like a girl NEVER compliment her friend in front of her friend

Is it good to hit mothers?

Depends if youre an adult man or woman. If youre their child, youd have to be a girl to do that.