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she either finds you attractive or repelling

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If s girl stares at you does this mean she just wants to be friends with you?

If a girl always stares at you, it means that she is interested in you. Something about you she finds intersting. You should talk to her.

What does it mean when a girl says heyy?

It means that they want to talk to you. no it doesnt, it mean she likes you

There is this an 8th grade girl who always corrects my private conversations and stares at me Does this mean she likes me?

As you said she corrects your private conversations and stares at you, I am confident that she likes and wants to talk to you.

What does it mean when a guy doesnt talk to you but talks to every other girl?

he either doesnt like you or he doesnt want to talk to you at the time or he wants to make you jealous.... and its working huh?

If a girl stares at you what do you do?

You should build up the courage to talk to her.

How could you tell a girl likes a boy?

A girl will always talk about him and stares at him or looking for him

What does it mean if i guy stares at you a lot but when you talk to him he pretends hes never noticed you before?

he definetly likes you because if a guy likes you he will stare at you alot! but when you talk to him he would NOT say that he stares at you all the time he would try to act cool and pretend that he doesnt notice you!

Can a girl like you if she doesnt talk to you Facebook?

i would keep an eye out, it may mean shes hiding something, or hiding you if she doesnt talk to you and/or express her feelings towards you openly. talk to her about it!

Guy doesnt talk but stares at you?

you should probably just ask around and see what he likes about you

What if a girl stares at you?

she likes you, it is a suttle himt that she wants you to talk to her, but she is shy

How do you know if your friend is crazy about a girl?

when he talk about her alot or stares at her alot

When a guy does not talk to a girl does that mean he is too nervous to talk to her?

it either means that: 1. he is too nervous or 2. he doesnt like you

What does it mean if girl rejects your friendship and doesnt want to talk to you?

you answered your own question , it means she doesn't want to be your friend or talk to you

If a guy stares at you and smiles does that mean that he likes you?

yes yes!! if he stares that means he wants to talk to u lol

How do you know if a girl doesnt like you?

if you think a girl doesnt like you just to be sure talk to her at a busy time where if she likes you she will stop and talk but if she doesnt she will get away from you fast hope this helps

What does it mean when a guy stares at you a lot but doesnt talk to you?

He likes you but he is too shy to talk to you. Or he absolutely hates your guts and he is too mad to talk to you. My advice is ask him if he hates your guts and if he says yes, then he does, (duh!) and if he doesn't say anything or he says no, then he likes you.

How do boys show that they like a girl?

um......kinda hard........they r all nice but can be mean stares at them alot in class or out tries to talk to I am a girl i know all that stuff trust me

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