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What does it mean when a girl tells you that you are cute or hot and what should you do?


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Those are some great compliments so enjoy them. She's sending strong signals your way and if she doesn't already have a boyfriend then it's time (if you like her) to ask her out. She's sending off those signals loud and clear! If you don't care for her, then take the compliments, smile and move on. Good luck Marcy


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You should go talk to that girl. & you might actually have a chance of her liking you back (: or she just thinks its cute. iknow ths cause im a girl

i think that when a Boy tells you your cute it could probably mean he likes you or he just thinks your cute or he is just playing around but you can never give up hope :)

I you'r a boy, it means that they think you are sweet and charming. If you'r a girl, it means that they they you are cute and that they like you.

it is a girl who is cute

Either "Awww, puppy!" cute, or "Wow look at that hottie!" cute. (If a girl calls you cute, it's usually the "Wow, look at that hottie" cute)

it means the thinks your pretty and cute, hes flirting with you.

I think it means that she thinks that you are some what cute, but will not go out with you.

go to 'ask' type in "how do you know if a girl likes you" you should find every thing there

lashaydra mean a cute little girl

SImple. They probably think your cute and/or have a crush on you :)

What a guy always mean when he tells a girl he has feelings of love for her is that he has strong affection for her.

annoying loud mean and cute girl.

I am also a girl, and I also know. when a person asks if your cute they want to get to know you. cute can mean two things ever cute - like a baby or cute - good looking.

a cute name for a girl

When a girl says that she finds you 'cute', she means that you look attractive. Not in overwhelming 'OMG' kind of way.

You mean Babe as in cute girl ? There is no slang for babe in Japanese but a cute girl would be called a Kawaii (Cute) Onna (girl) or Onnanoko

It means he thinks you are funny and have overall cute features.

girls want to know who likes or is crushing on them girls want to know who likes or is crushing on them

It means a cute and hot lookin girl

The girl may say you are cute and no longer talks because she is waiting on you to speak first.

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